The number of gazelle companies in Alicante begins to increase after the pandemic

As in nature, business ecosystem There are also some ‘species’ whose absence or proliferation is a real problem. indicator of general health status of the economy. And one of the most important is the so-called gazelle companiesCompanies are called this way even though they have less than five years They already bill more than half a million euros a year throughout their lives, and Achieving growth of more than 20% for three consecutive years. In other words, young companies high potential for job and employment creationThose who contribute to energizing the activity of a field.

Its population decreased during the pandemic years and now begins to heal It has a strong presence throughout the country, including Alicante, which is positioned as It is the sixth province with the highest number of businesses that meet these characteristics.. Thus, at the national level, the arrival of the coronavirus reduced the number of working gazelles from 834 in 2019 to 354 in the 2021 fiscal year. This figure later increased to 470 last year and 701 this financial year. Iberinform Credit and Guarantee.

In the state’s case, the debacle was also significant, as the pandemic wiped out two-thirds of these companies:e 46, the number counted in 2019 was only 16 in 2021. But in 2022, this figure has already begun to improve and the census is currently being conducted. already reached 22. Still far from pre-covid normality, but on the right track.

Also, a positive fact is that this is very spread throughout the region from the state. City Alicante It is the company that has accumulated the highest number of gazelle companies in the metropolitan area, with four gazelle companies in addition to two. Saint Vincent And Mutksamel. Behind it will be Elche, where the study locates the headquarters of two of these businesses. But young, fast-growing companies can also be found in towns like the ones below in Vega Baja. cox, jacquard, Montesinos anyone Torrevieja.

An industrial area in Alcoy. Juani Ruiz

Also in cities in Marinas AlteaBenidorm, Xabia anyone La Nucia; In addition to the industrial towns of the interior, including Alcoy, banyeres, ibi, Elda, Peter anyone Villena.

At the national level, Madrid is the province with the highest number of such companies, with 23% of the total representing 164 gazelle companies. They are followed by Barcelona with 90 points; Valencia with 66 points; Murcia, 28; and Malaga with 27 companies. Just behind Alicante is Seville with 21 fast-growing companies; Las Palmas, 20 points; Tenerife, 19 points; and Zaragoza, with 17.


Regarding the type of activities carried out by these gazelle companies across the country (the study does not provide disaggregated data for each province), the largest ones belong to the manufacturing sector. restorationTogether 14% of totalThis responds to the pull created by the hospitality industry after the end of the pandemic. If in second place shipping and logistics companiesanother 6.1% is undoubtedly a result of the proliferation of online shopping and home delivery.

Behind Construction companies5.6% of Spanish gazelles are found; and companies that are closely related to their predecessors electrical installationThis represents another 4.1%.

In particular, it is not possible for the first activity related to new technologies to emerge until the fifth row. programming companiesThis accounts for 2.4% of such companies nationwide. private construction, consultancy business management, engineering technical services and others Technological services According to Iberinform data, it will be next on the list.

Of course, rapid growth for these companies does not always equate to financial health. According to this analysis, 8.9% of Gazelle companies have a maximum or higher risk of not paying.

Global turnover of 4.4 billion euros

The majority of Spanish gazelle companies are established with the legal form of Limited Liability Company (98%), which requires a lower initial capital contribution. 3% have reached the size of a large company, but 83% maintain the size of a small business or microbusiness. They maintain approximately 21,700 jobs with a joint turnover exceeding €4.4 billion.

Source: Informacion


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