They may start selling cricket noodles in Russia 01:06

In Russia it will be possible to buy instant noodles from cricket flour in the near future. The publication reports that “To climb”Referring to the statement of Anton Stokoz, president of the Stavropol company, which presented its products at a local exhibition.

The launch of selling alternative noodles is under development. Stavropol, Sochi, Moscow and St. Residents of St. Petersburg had the opportunity to try these noodles at the presentation, and this aroused positive emotions in them. The company also produces cookies, instant cereals, homemade and lagman noodles, as well as cheese and snacks.

Stokosa explained that cricket flour contains 75 grams of protein, while regular flour contains only 5 grams of protein. Additionally, cricket flour is rich in iron, calcium and essential amino acids. The company plans to start selling on online platforms and open its own retail outlets from mid-December.

Also experts appreciated The possibility of Russians switching from regular meat to insects.

Previous scientists saidWhy are some foods addictive?

Source: Gazeta


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