Ruselectronics is developing a complex to protect airports from birds 01:29

Ruselectronics holding, part of Rostec, announced the development of a new complex called “Chaika” to protect airports from birds and drones. This was announced in an interview by Sergei Skorykh, General Director of the Research Institute “Vector”. RIA News.

Vector Research Institute, which is part of the Ruselectronics holding, is working on a new modification of the ORNI ornithological complex that will be able to detect not only birds, but also unmanned aerial vehicles. To do this, the system uses passive radar, which does not require permission to use frequencies and does not interfere with other devices. In addition, the complex has no harmful effects on the environment or humans.

Using special software for the Chaika system under development, it will be possible to recognize birds, determine their movement direction, height and speed, as well as record all external events for later analysis. In addition, the new complex will be able to detect the approach of unmanned aerial vehicles and interact with various devices to suppress drones. The data received regarding the situation is transmitted to the operator in the control center for decision making. The system can also operate in automatic mode.

The ORNI complex, developed by specialists of the Research Institute “Vector”, has the ability to track the flights of birds at a distance of up to 20 km, determine the direction, height and speed of their movements, as well as automatically activate installed deterrents. airport.

Previously reportedthat birds hit Russian planes more often.

Source: Gazeta


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