Netanyahu’s office confirms transfer of a new group of hostages 01:02

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed information about the transfer of six Israeli hostages to the Red Cross. This was reported by RIA News said the office’s press service.

“The Israeli government embraces our six citizens who have now returned to Israeli territory. “The authorities informed the families that their loved ones had returned to Israel,” he said.

Netanyahu’s department announced that the total number of hostages released in the last seven days of the ceasefire was 110 people.

Before that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) approvedIt was stated that six more hostages in the Gaza Strip were handed over to the Red Cross.

The freed hostages are currently on their way to Israel from the Gaza Strip; The hostages were taken to Egypt through the Rafah border crossing and are now heading towards the rendezvous point in Kerem Shalom. They are accompanied by Red Cross doctors.

Hamas had previously claimed responsibility for the incident terrorist attack In the city of Jerusalem.

Source: Gazeta


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