The woman washing the Christmas tree in the bathtub surprised social networks 18:55

A woman from England surprised social media users by washing the Christmas tree in the bathtub Mirror. People don’t understand why she does this, but the British woman is sure that the tree will be cleaner this way.

The woman published the images of herself washing the Christmas tree on social networks and told her subscribers about it. considers it necessary to clean wood in this special way because a lot of dirt and dust accumulates on it.

To confirm her words, the Englishwoman showed how dirt from a tree flows into the sewer. True, his subscribers were not convinced by this picture. People are sure that the woman is busy with a useless job.

Commenters joke: “This is my boss trying to find tasks for me when business is slow.”

Previously, social networks were puzzled by the meaning of the word “Pepsi”. It turns out that the name of the popular soda comes from from the medical field.

Source: Gazeta


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