Edwin accepted the move, but something went wrong: He reported that his boss locked him up and he disappeared.

“On the 30th of March the journey began,” begins Milton. He is one of Edwin’s seven brothers. It is also the voice of the search since he disappeared. “My nephew told me that a man he knew was looking for people to take action.” Edwin was looking for a job and they decided he would be the one. “It was good for my brother, who didn’t fix anything back then.” It was a simple thing: go, take action and come back.

The journey has begun. They both left Mallorca on a boat. “At around eleven o’clock at night on March 31, my brother called his wife and told her that he was in Cazorla (Jaén), that he had some problems with this man and that he was humiliating her. He locked her in the van. He told her everything was wrong.” That was the last conversation they had with him. Edwin López, 53 years old, He disappeared The next morning, April 1, 2023, after wandering around Cazorla for hours. They have been waiting for an answer for seven months. Nothing causes this.

Edwin López disappeared on April 1, 2023. There has been no response for seven months. He was given to OPEN CASE by his family.

locked with key

“You’re sleeping in the van,” this man told him. Milton travels back to the hours before he disappeared with CASO ABIERTO, Prensa Ibérica’s incident and investigation portal. “My brother told him not to do that because he had claustrophobia but he locked it up anyway“The latter managed to rebuild with the help of Civil Guard agents. “When Edwin found himself locked up, without light, without air… he was upset. started to give punches, kicks, From the inside.” Finally the ‘boss’ opened up. “When he came out, my brother was completely upset and worried.”

Civil Guards arrived on the scene. “The owner of the van called them.” Edwin had a nervous breakdown, “they called the emergency room and took him to the hospital.” They sedated him and discharged him around 3 a.m.. “When she came out, she was surprised that this man walked out, left her backpack and left her there alone.” Hours later, 600 meters away, the same backpack would appear on the side of the road. Edwin hasn’t been there since.

Gas station

“The Civil Guard told us they found my brother’s backpack,” Milton reconstructed, “the alarm went off.” His passport, clothes, documents and phone are visible next to a road. “All his belongings are there, but he is not there.” Agents draw the line. The backpack appears to be 600 meters from Cazorla hospital. In the middle, 300 meters from either point, there is a gas station: “My brother was there.”

“I don’t know why my brother doesn’t want a charger,” complains Milton. “We used to go from Palma to the same gas station to pick him up.”

The workers at the pump are Edwin’s He was there from three in the morning until ten in the morning.. The cameras confirmed the statement. “Images They show how he goes out alone, wanders, wanders, sits…“. There is a restaurant, a store, a bathroom at the gas station. “You see, he walks in, not knowing what to do, buys a soda, eats breakfast outside, sits down…” He carries his backpack. “And you see how he walks away towards the Quesada-Úbeda highway, where they found his things “.

In record time, his family arrived at the same point from Palma de Mallorca. They defeated it unsuccessfully. They went to the starting point, the gas station. Everyone remembered him. “They say Edwin didn’t seem confused or distressed or anything. He didn’t know where to go, but yeah, yeah, he was fine.” While Edwin was looking for a way to return home, his phone was off, hiding calls and messages from people. “I don’t know why my brother didn’t want a charger,” laments Milton, “we used to drive from Palma to the same gas station to get it.”

Edwin in a photo his family provided to this outlet. OPEN STATE


The family explored the area with investigators for eight days. There were no traces. “There are 4-5 farms around, no one has seen anything there.” Agents combed “a 5-kilometer area on foot with dogs, drones and helicopters” inch by inch. Edwin wasn’t there. The Civil Guard put forward a single hypothesis: That the man who had no way of going home was hitchhiking.

“They say he probably got in the car and left his backpack on the road. In our opinion… The situation seems somewhat illogical to us.“Frankly, it doesn’t make sense to me that Edwin would stop a car, get in, and forget to take his clothes and belongings.”

express return

The family tried to talk to the man accompanying Edwin, but “he never picked up my phone.” He left her in the hospital and was scared to death. This Denied at the police level: “Agents guarantee that Edwin will land in Palma when he disappears (around 10:00 in the morning).”

The data is creaking. The trip should have been very revealing. “Boats leave Valencia at 22.00 in the evening and arrive at the island between 5.30 and 6.00 in the morning. This man called the police at 23:00 at night. When you lock up my brother, he has an anxiety attack. It takes four hours to get from Cazorla to Valencia, even more with a moving minibus, which is huge.” The times don’t match. “If this guy at 11 p.m. He called the police, went to the hospital and left… No matter how hard he runs, he can’t get off the ship at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 1, the same time my brother disappeared in Palma de Mallorca. This imbalance doesn’t let me sleep“.

Soup kitchens and churches

Without answers, without clues, without news the whole family lives for and to find. “I worked in the emergency department in Palma de Mallorca for 20 years,” explains Milton. “I had an accident at work and they left me completely disabled.” You have time, but every call costs money. You need to take your car from Palma to Valencia and beat and ask from there. He traveled to Andalusia, Valencia, Murcia and Castilla la Mancha. “I search in churches, hospitals, bus stops, train stops, soup kitchens, and marginal neighborhoods,” he explains. “We don’t know where Edwin might be or what condition he might be in. The helplessness one feels is impressive. “Searching, searching, searching and finding absolutely nothing.”

The phone rang three times: Beas de Segura, Villacarrillo, and Andújar, the three places where they claimed to have seen Edwin wandering. Milton arrived in record time but was not there, unable to confirm whether it was him or not.

Edwin has a tattoo on his right forearm with the names of his children. Faced with the possibility of change, his family asks them to pay attention to this detail in case there is any doubt that they may cross paths with him. OPEN STATE

A lover of salsa, Edwin enjoyed teaching anyone to dance. He was a messenger and a biker in his own country. Motorcycles and cars are his other great passions, besides dancing. He studied gardening to come to Spain, expecting something permanent from here. Milton concludes solidarity and charity by saying “he would give his life for his children and his wife.” “Agents believe thisHe gets into a car and they take him out of Cazorla. The problem is they don’t know where it is: Jaen, Seville, Portugal… It’s very painful. We can only hope that someone sees the photo and tells us whether they think they saw it today, tomorrow, yesterday.” The uncertainty brings tears. It hurts. “I may have a beard and a mustache now… but there will be no tattoos. changed. If you have seen it, please contact us. You are our hope of finding him.”

Source: Informacion


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