The Israeli army has lost nearly 400 people since October 7 07:58

The total losses of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since the attack on the country by militants of the Palestinian radical Hamas movement on October 7 reached 387 people. The newspaper reported this Jerusalem Post After the army press service reported new casualties.

The IDF reported that two more soldiers were lost in clashes with radicals in the northern Gaza Strip on the morning of November 20. The Israeli army lost more than 60 soldiers during the ground operation in the region during the conflicts with Hamas in the past few years.

The situation in the Middle East escalated after thousands of Hamas militants infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7, when Hamas announced the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcedthat the country is at war.

The aim of Israel’s response to Operation Iron Sword was to repel the attack, release more than 200 hostages, including foreigners, and destroy Hamas. In order to achieve this goal, Israel launched major rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip from the first day of the operation. At the same time, the Israeli National Security Council decided to stop the supply of water, food, goods, electricity and fuel to the sector. Humanitarian aid shipments to Gaza began to be sent through the Rafah checkpoint only after October 20, and it was stated that their volume was insufficient.

27 October Israel announced About the “expansion” of the ground operation in Gaza. It is not known exactly when the operation started, but before the operation, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their homes and moved to shelters and the south of the region. November 5, as part of the ground operation of IDF forces surrounded Gaza city and supplies cut off, still exists in central Gaza to continue fights.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to destroy It is Hamas.

Source: Gazeta


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