This is the secret of the Japanese not gaining weight without dieting.

Walk 10,000 steps a day to stay fit and chew foods Between 30 and 50 times some of the important tips Setsuko Yuuki, Coordinator of the prestigious Hattori School of Nutrition in Tokyo, the tastiest city in the world. michelin guide, and the Japanese Government’s gourmet ancient secrets of oriental foodthanks to this, the citizens of the Empire of the Rising Sun are the tallest on the planet, those who lose weight and those with smoother skin. Walking a lot and chewing well helps to move the brain, prevent senile dementia and prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Health always begins to eat properlyYuuki is accompanied by ampo gak (dried persimmon), fluffy salt, bread rice flour, algae, konnyaku rice, which delays the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates and prolongs the feeling of fullness, Japanese shottsuru garum, a fish sauce. Small portions of Wagyu meat, which was already produced in the Roman Empire and is distinguished by the whiteness of the fat and contains beneficial oleic acid, tender and juicy.

“None Japanese I ate a lot of meat What is eaten in Spain,” reassures the gourmet, “we have known for over 700 years that meat oxidizes the body,” he adds. Spanish gazpacho, Iberian ham, bud salads, the chili peppers, the garlic soups and the orange sunsets of Seville and Madrid.

Ancient Japanese cuisine influenced by the missionaries of Philip II in the 16th century -pan is pronounced in Japanese as in Spanish– and reinvented by Ferran Adrià in the 20th century, always a ritual that focuses on the slow intake of fresh produce in small quantities distributed throughout the day to consume 30 types of food in five colors – red, white, green, black and yellow. “If this color range is chosen in dishes, We will have a balanced diet”, reassures Yuuki before praising the properties of black fungus and dark algae, which provide countless nutrients with almost no calories. “The most important thing is that they also prevent colon cancer,” assures the Hattori expert.

Japanese don’t usually go to the gym, but they prefer other more moderate types of training, taking hot baths for about 20 minutes at temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, which have other beneficial properties such as reducing stress and promoting calorie burning and reducing inflammation or regulating blood sugar.

The smooth and white skin of the Japanese It is also the result of a very natural diet. and the grudge they feel for sunbathing. Vitamin D deficiency, which causes a deficiency of UVA rays They have supplied it with soy milk and its derivatives for over 1,000 years. what strengthens bones “We women just sunbathe in the palm of our hand,” says Setsuko Yuuki with a smile.

Bone it is also a good source of calcium to prevent bone diseases, promote mental stability and provide vitamin C supplementation. “We buy all kinds of fish, preferably raw. lemon, blue, and the smaller the better” to prevent senile dementia, he continues, because one of the main concerns of the Hattori School is to ensure a diet that balances the body and mind and does not intoxicate the body. The vegetables in tempura allow deep frying to enhance the properties of vitamin C.

“It is important to age well and healthy”She trusts Yuuki and explains, “In Japan, it’s cheaper to do it with food than to go to the doctor”, before Yuuki praises another “miracle” gastronomy of the archipelago: It is so mineral-filled water from the rains from Fuji that this is the main claim of Chinese millionaires.

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