Prosecutor requests third autopsy of body of Luis Lorenzo’s political aunt

Prosecutor of the case in which the player is being investigated louis lorenzo and his wife Arantxa Palomino asked the judge to practice Third autopsy of María Isabel SA’s body. detail How did heavy metals take place? Legal sources told Europa Press that this would lead to the death of the old woman.

Luis Lorenzo and his partner are being investigated for allegedly committing a murder charge related to the brutal death of María Isabel, who died on June 28 at her home in Rivas Vaciamadrid.

85 year old woman He died three months after settling in Madrid, Months in which he ostensibly suffered and experienced significant degeneration as a result of the dementia diagnosed at the time. At the first autopsy, forensic medicine stated that the cause of death could not be determined.

Second autopsy of the old woman Announced he died of ‘aqueous heavy metal poisoning’presence detected at “much higher than normal levels”. The amount of cadmium detected is 200 times the normal limit, and the manganese concentration in the body is twenty times higher than normal.

With this third forensic analysis, the prosecutor wants to know whether an investigation has been carried out. metal uptake has been progressive or, conversely, it was done 24 hours before death.

In the letter, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office requests the judge to take his statement from the notary public, where the contract was signed with the doctors who treated the woman in recent months. Power of attorney authorizing the player’s wife to access the decedent’s bank account.

near death purchase

In the second autopsy it was revealed that cadmium and manganese intake Occurred near death. Experts denied that these metals were inhaled as a result of toxic gases, as the woman lived with more people and was not more affected by this reason.

Forensic experts are also known for the presence of c in blood and hair.Four types of antipsychotic or neuroleptic type psychopharmaceutical drugstwo of these were to be planned.

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