“Nobody buys anything.” Medvedev described the authors of the sixth package of sanctions as “imbeciles”.

“The fire of the world revolution in the economy”

According to Dmitry Medvedev, the Europeans harmed themselves by adopting another package of sanctions, which included the gradual abandonment of Russian oil.

“The European Commission has adopted the sixth package of sanctions to absolutely shatter the Russian economy. But it seems that the goal is not Russia, but the fire of the world revolution in the economy. “Only some people forgot that the revolution devours its children,” Medvedev said on his Telegram channel.

According to him, the progressive oil embargo puts citizens and businesses of European countries “against the wall.” At the same time, the EU cannot immediately abandon Russian fuel. Therefore, the alliance countries decided to spread the project over several months to give themselves time to find alternative sources of supply.

“Now Europeans will have to scour the world in search of raw materials of the same quality. “They will also face shortages of certain types of fuel, such as diesel, which are essential for trucks and farm machinery.”

He is sure that he understands that the Europeans will “still have to come up with gray schemes” to obtain Russian raw materials and that they will “somehow pay for it, bypassing their own stupid sanctions”.

“And this is despite the fact that truckers are already on strike in Italy, Poland and Hungary, preventing the entry of foreign cars, the bastard authorities in Warsaw generally refuse to supply raw materials to Ukraine and will now only sell them. It would seem that the “people’s war club”, which will properly warm the European authorities, has already swayed, ”says Medvedev.

He added that in the sixth sanctions package they were “trying to pack another pig—to ban tankers from being insured with Russian oil to complicate supply to third countries.”

The deputy head of the Security Council said that “Europe is not at all interested” in how this measure will affect Russia’s partners. He noted that the problem of supply insurance is solvable – it can be closed “at the expense of state guarantees in the framework of interstate agreements with third countries.”

“Russia has always been and will remain a responsible and reliable partner,” the official said.

“European imbeciles”

Dmitry Medvedev believes that the sanctions against Russia’s Repository of National Reconciliation were brought “to shout loudly”: “The goal has been achieved, there is a default in Russia.”

“It’s just another lie. We’ve never refused to pay,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.

He stated that in the conditions created by the sanctions, Russia would “not be paid”, but that he would not “return” anything, despite having all the means for this.

“The investment field will be dealt a crushing blow. The European imbeciles have shown once again that they regard their own citizens and businesses as less hostile than the Russians. As a result, no one will buy anything – neither here nor abroad. “Investments turned to dust,” the official said.

100500 packages of sanctions

Medvedev added that the disconnection of Sberbank, Moscow Credit Bank and Rosselkhozbank from the SWIFT system is another attempt to “seriously” deceive Russia. But all these banks “continue to operate normally, domestic transactions are not dependent on SWIFT and are conducted in a standard mode.”

“Talented Europeans can continue in the same way: bring in a new 100,500 sanctions package, as they want to say now. Judging by how the restrictions are working and where the economic situation in the EU is going against the background of ridiculous anti-Russian horror stories, something has gone wrong,” he said.

sixth pack

On May 31, it was learned that EU countries agreed on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said the new restrictions included the introduction of a gradual oil embargo. According to him, the sanctions “immediately affect 75 percent of Russian oil imports.” And by the end of 2022, “90%” of Russian fuel imported into Europe will be banned.

It soon became clear that the restrictions affected the oil supplied by sea, but not the pipeline. Also, an exception has been made for a few EU countries. Thus, Hungary and the Czech Republic obtained the right to continue purchasing Russian fuel. Temporary exemptions for offshore crude oil imports were granted to Bulgaria and Croatia.

In addition, from June 14, Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank and Moscow Credit Bank will be disconnected from the international SWIFT system. The EU also decided to cease the broadcasting of three Russian state television channels on its territory: Rossiya 24, RTR-Planeta and TV-Center were subject to restrictions.

The list of sanctions also includes citizens of the Russian Federation, whom the European Union considers “responsible for war crimes in Ukraine”. On June 3, the sixth package of sanctions entered into force.

Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev believes that the sixth package of EU sanctions is designed not only against Russia, but also to kindle the “fire of the world revolution”. According to him, the restrictions also put EU citizens and businesses “against the wall.”

Source: Gazeta


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