Eight years in custody for juvenile who took out a security guard’s eye in Cambrils

this minor with serious health problems sanity gouged out a watchman’s eyes hotel Cambrils (Tarragona), He was sentenced to prison in July 2021. eight years in prison In a conformity sentence that Efe reaches.

The punishment characterizes assault as a crime. crime of attempted murder, one crime of harm, one crime of assault and finally, a minor injury offense and sentenced the minor to eight years in prison. As to civil liability, it will be decided at another hearing on October 3 at the Tarragona Juvenile Court.

When the events occurred around one o’clock in the morning of July 6, 2021, the attacker was 17 years old and showed a drastic decline in his intellectual and volitional capacities because, among others, he was suffering from an illness. schizophreniform disorder.

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The 62-year-old security guard who was attacked had to stay in the hospital for 79 days (36 of them in the intensive care unit) and suffers significant aesthetic damage from a permanent vegetative state, complete blindness and scars.

The minor also tried to retrieve the gun from a Mossos d’Esquadra agent and hit him on the head, damaging his nose and had a bruise on his arm that took five days to heal.

The USPAC contingent, whose legal services represent the assaulted moss, showed satisfaction with the sentence, as the maximum sentence was ten years, and if compliance had not been achieved, the minor would have been released on August 19.

This release date is due to an injunction issued by the Tarragona Juvenile Court on a closed treatment regimen that was extended for another three months on 12 May, which will expire on 19 August.

Source: Informacion


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