Susanna Griso low on ‘Public Mirror’ due to covid: ‘I’m starting to think I’m almost immune’

suzanne gray will have to take a few days off ‘People’s mirror’. The host of Antena 3 morning magazine announced from her Instagram account that she is covid and will therefore be on leave until she rejoins the rest of the team. The program will remain until then in the hands of Roberto Braserojust like this Wednesday morning.

Along with a photo showing the positive result of the antigen test, Griso explained to his followers that he was infected for the first time since the start of the pandemic: “I resisted with massive overexposure, so much that I’m starting to think I’m almost immune. I’m definitely not.”

“More than two years later and with three doses of the vaccine I fell out”adds the journalist to the message. Luckily she’s fine and hopes to be back on the show set soon: “Luckily, and just thanks to the vaccine, the symptoms are mild and I hope I can be back on TV soon. Thank you for asking.”

Susanna Griso got the covid vaccine in front of the ‘Public Mirror’ cameras in June 2021. The host went live to the Isabel Zendal hospital in Madrid to get it. First dose of Pfizer, although she prefers not to pay attention to the puncture due to her phobia of minor needles. “How wonderful. I learned nothing,” he assured.

Source: Informacion


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