UE Sants de Barcelona coach arrested for harassing three players

this Mossos d’Esquadra They arrested a UESants coach this Tuesday. Barcelona with Sexual abuse, according to sources cited by El Periódico de Catalunya. this is a man 33 years who was responsible women’s section of football players youth category.

Three of his players went to a Catalan police station last Monday to file a complaint against their coach. A day later, investigators arrived to arrest the suspect. He is expected to appear in court by this morning.

According to the sources interviewed, two of the three players would be underage and the third would have just turned 18. Detail of young women in their complaints touch or kiss. Also an approach to them through social networks that offend them. Researchers find it plausible that new complainants will emerge when this alleged sexual abuse case becomes public.

UESants were recently affected by another pederasty case, this case happened a while ago. That was the junior football coach. FC Barcelona, Albert BenaigesIt was discovered by the Ara newspaper. Benaiges was affiliated with the club for more than 15 years until 1991 in the Sants-Montjuïc district of the Catalan capital in the 1980s. Some of the minors suffering from Benaiges later shared their testimonies with El Periódico de Catalunya.

“We are injured and we stand with the players and their families,” he told this newspaper. Joan Forcadell, the president of AB Sants. “We know that the complaints are only about events that may have occurred last weekend, but we don’t know who the affected players will be,” he added. Forcadell is “injured”. And although he announced that he was suspended from work and salary after learning that the accused had been arrested, he also demanded the detention of the defendant. presumption of innocence until the facts become clear. “We got together with all the families to tell what happened yesterday and put ourselves at your service. we asked for help from Vicki Bernadet Foundation“We got in touch after the Benaiges case and a psychologist will come and talk to them soon,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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