Chopovtsy kicked a cyclist and witnesses, a criminal case was opened against a cyclist

On Wednesday, June 1, a criminal case was filed against two employees of the private security company LLC Security Agency “Scorpion” under Part 1 of Art. 203 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Excess of authority by an employee of a private security organization”, guards face up to two years in prison or a fine. This was reported to at the Krasnoyarsk Territory Research Committee. The ministry said that on May 31, bodyguards in a car caught a motorcyclist on one of the streets of Krasnoyarsk and beat the motorcyclist and his friends, showing them their service weapons. The video was broadcast on the Telegram channel “PE Krasnoyarsk”.

“According to victims, the motorcyclist while following Robespierre Street broke the road rules while crossing the intersection and went through a prohibitive traffic light. After that, at the intersection of Lenin and Robespierre streets, employees of a private security company drove the men in a car, asked them to stop the car, and without any warning, without showing their official identification, showed a gun and started shooting. multiple blows and kicks to all three of them on the head and various parts of their body. , – It was noted in the section.

According to Krasnoyarsk publications, one man beaten by the Chopovists had a broken jaw, another had a broken tooth, and various bodily injuries were recorded. Allegedly, the guards noticed the motorcyclist running a red light and decided to teach him a lesson. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnoyarsk Territory informed that a criminal case was filed against the motorcyclist for drunk driving.

Attackers face up to 2 years in prison. Forensic investigation is ongoing. will follow the development of the situation.

Source: Gazeta


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