If you thought you’ve already seen everything in Lidl, no, you haven’t seen everything. The German supermarket sells food products for the garden, pharmacy, kitchen and decoration products, plants, materials to make, handicrafts, furniture and electrical appliances. Got anything left to sell? You’re right, awnings and you can already buy it on their website.


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On this occasion, the most sought-after thing on the Lidl website is a somewhat custom awning, as it doesn’t answer the classic features we all have in mind: an awning to be installed over a window or balcony and shield us from the sun. . Be careful, he sells them too but we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about that. an awning that can protect you from the wind as well as prying eyes.

Its main feature is not that it is fixed on the top of your head, but rather an original structure. goes to the ground. And that’s one of its advantages, you can sunbathe quietly on your terrace and don’t want anyone to come and see you, because here you have the perfect solution.

Lidl awnings

East side awning extendable and has dimensions 200×350 centimeters. It is also ideal to protect you from the wind if you want to sunbathe or dine quietly without being disturbed by anything. you can install it in. in the garden, balcony or terrace. It is fixed to the wall and has a sturdy post and a handy self-closing mechanism that folds up when not in use.

The fabric is of high quality and dirt-repellent and perfectly resistant to weathering and UV rays. It can only be purchased on the Lidl website and its price €84.99.

LIDL AWNING | You can protect yourself from wind, sun and prying eyes. LIDL

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You can also get the same awning in 160 x 300 cm dimensions on the Lidl website. It says it’s currently out of stock but will be available again soon.

Another option you have is a similar but double-sided awning that will give you two-sided protection. This structure also differs from the previous one in that it is mounted on the floor independently of the wall. It consists of two awnings, each approximately three meters long, and a durable structure with bivalves and two support posts. Price on Lidl website 114 euros.