How could it be otherwise, lidl There are also products that you can enjoy on the beach and in the pool this summer. Umbrellas, towels, inflatable pools, flip-flops… You can also find anything you can think of on the German giant’s website. very competitive prices.


  • Decathlon launches the ideal umbrella for the beach: light, durable and inexpensive

  • Lidl has the ideal awning to protect you from the wind and prying eyes.

But something caught our attention today. diving mask who became very famous a few years ago decathlon, I’m sure you remember or have. This is a multifunctional snorkel mask that covers your entire face and where you can breathe perfectly through your mouth and nose and enjoy the bottom of the sea.

The Lidl snorkel mask has a full view panoramic screen (180º) that will ensure you don’t miss anything while diving. In addition, the air circulation system it contains protects you against fogging.

The mask has an integrated mount for attaching an action camera and a Dry Top tube that prevents water from entering while surface diving. Will it be comfortable? Of course it has a soft seal on the face and an Easy Fit elastic strap that provides great comfort and a better fit so water doesn’t fill the mask, according to the Lidl website.

He emphasizes that, among other features, it has 200% UV protection and is made of PC and silicone. Its weight is 647 grams.

Lidl’s snorkel mask LIDL

for the whole family

This mask has several precautions: S/M from 10-11.5 centimeters and L/XL from 11.5-13 centimeters. To find the most suitable size for each person, they recommend waxing measuring the distance from the root of the nose to the bottom of the chin with the mouth closed. Based on the measurement you took, you’ll know what the appropriate size is for your mask.

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It is the price that we did not tell you about, and of course, very important. How could it be otherwise, it’s very competitive. The price of this mask 19.99 € Compared to Decathlon models ranging from 24.99 to 39.99 euros.

The Lidl mask is currently out of stock but is sold online. The website states that it will be available again soon, and you even have the option to be notified when it goes on sale again.