Imaginarium, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, plans to open eight stores in Spain this year.

Imaginarium does not throw towels. At the very least, it’s a bloated backpack of debts that jeopardizes its viability, as the executives of the Aragonese toy company, which has been reduced to a minimum in recent years due to the crisis it has wrought. From the company they know they own “everything is ready” to present your bankruptcy case request in court. However, they claim they will try to reactivate their dwindling commercial networks by opening eight new stores. He was in Spain until the end of the year. All this with the desire to be reborn from the ashes.

company moves about two years in the pre-bankruptcy state, however, due to the moratorium on these processes approved by the Government to mitigate the economic effects of Covid, there was no obligation to file for judicial bankruptcy. A worldwide reference for its pioneering educational toys concept, the chain was on the verge of disbandment five years ago, but was avoided when it was acquired by a group of international investors led by Federico Carrillo Zurcher. This Costa Rican lawyer is now alone in business venture. Since the beginning of the year, almost all of the shareholders (99.94%) have been acquired.

this first movements to try to swim again Commercial toy chain has already begun to be produced. The company is in full possession of only two establishments of its property remaining on national territory, located in Zaragoza and La Coruña. In the case of the Aragonese capital, it closed its building in the Aragonia shopping center last Saturday and moved to number 23 in Calle León XIII, a new location expected to open later this weekend. In the city of Galicia, it took down its store shutters on Betanzos street this Monday, but the company assures it will start work this week to launch another in a central location it hasn’t disclosed at the moment.

“We are at the door of filing a bankruptcy case, but Let’s hope there is continuity, not closure.. We want to come out with flying colors to move forward,” explains Imaginarium sources. Statistics on what was formerly known as suspension of payments do not play in favor of this wish fulfillment, as 90% of companies entering this phase have ended liquidation.

“Active search for investors”

They believe it is possible to survive in the company. The key to achieving this, they say, passes re-increase its presence in physical tradein addition to “active search for investors” What Federico Carrillo does. This strategy includes the opening of nine outlets in Greece, one at Athens airport, by children’s fashion distributor Lapin House. It is also reinvigorating its presence in Turkey with a master franchise that has opened a store and plans to open another before the end of the year.

They get it from the toy company that regrowth in “priority” In Zaragoza, where they relied on the short-term opening of one or two stores in addition to the store relocated to León XIII street. The aim of the company is to close the year with its ten establishments in Spain, compared to the two establishments currently in the process of transfer, and eight more operating under franchise are added to these. “We want to get back to local business to be at street level, not in malls,” they commented.

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