Rubber industry bets on new products and ends covid crisis

The ability of the businessman from Alicante to overcome difficulties by adapting to the new demands of the market is a good example in the processing of industrial rubber..

Companies specializing in this field multi-purpose item they created new products After the famine and sanitary restrictions caused by the epidemic, the difficulties in world transportation raw materials.

Specifically, two Novelda companies created new flooring production lines for fitness activities as well as the development of weight discs and vulcanized rubber dumbbells through the recycling of waste tires. A pioneering activity in Europe.

producer Rubber TradeDedicated to the manufacture of rubber tiles for covering playgrounds, a diversification process began after the economic crisis caused by covid-19, which led to its specialization in creating floors for the development of fitness activities.

Ruben Castellothe production manager of this company explained “With the coronavirus crisis, we had to explore other uses of rubber, find a market niche in nationally produced sports flooring, find a solution to the problems that arise in shipping and distribution of such materials during the pandemic”.

The other paradigm of innovation and development, Caucal VulcanizedA company specializing in the reuse of vulcanized rubber for the creation of sporting goods after the covid-19 health crisis. bumpers, dumbbells and discs for gyms.

The company, which recently moved its facilities from the La Estación district to the El Fondonet industrial area, has focused its production on the production and billing of vulcanized rubber weight plates and dumbbells after the supply crisis caused by the pandemic. recycling of rejected tires.

Administrator of Caucal Vulcaized, Borja Calderonannounced “The company has gained new momentum as the first European company to work with this material to open a market niche with a quality product and proximity in the face of shortages in Asian markets during the pandemic”.

Production process of rubber sports flooring at Novelda. INFORMATION

produced by the world industry thousands of rubber articles for many different uses. Due to its outstanding elasticity, dissolution and resistance properties, it is widely used in the manufacture of tires, waterproof and insulating objects. But also in many other products that take advantage of its ability to repel water and insulate against heat and electricity.

in the framework of meeting schedule The mayor, Fran Martínez, where the Roma-intensive government team is led by companies from different productive sectors, visited both factories.

It was the purpose of the meeting to make visible the industrial diversity Novelda has experienced in recent years through the implementation of new economic activities and to highlight these two companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of new rubber products. the mayor with his managers Finance and Contracting, Economic Activities and Water Cycle Council MembersIván Ñíguez, Geno Micó and Santi Sánchez.

Dumbbells made of vulcanized rubber manufactured in Novelda. INFORMATION

Fran Martínez emphasized: “The entrepreneurial character of young novelist entrepreneurs who, in the midst of a pandemic, choose to diversify and open up new markets.” according to that “this is entrepreneurial momentum” evidenced by the almost complete occupation of the El Fondonet industrial area, What “reinforces our commitment to the exploration and expansion of new industrial territories”.

Both Rubber Trading and Caucal Vulcanizados apply the following assumptions, in addition to the new activity they have developed: Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. In this sense, the mayor wanted to emphasize the following. Such companies, which “have to reinvent themselves in recent years”, have taken a decisive step towards sustainability by committing to recycling, zero mileage and proximity market, circular economy and respect for the environment in your production processes..

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