Torbe accepted a two-year prison sentence for recording and disseminating sexually explicit videos of a minor

Porn producer Ignacio Allende Fernández, known as Torbe, agreed to serve a two-year prison sentence and pay restitution. 65,000 euros A young woman was sentenced for recording and distributing videos of underage sexual content, which went viral on social networks.

Even though the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office made a request for him seven years and seven months in prisonAt the hearing held today at the 27th Criminal Court of Madrid, it was announced that an agreement was finally reached between the parties.

In addition, Torbe will not be able to reach or communicate with the young woman for the next 4 years and will be banned from working with her. minors Within the next six years from the imposition of the sentence, because finally a third person involved in the events will be prosecuted.

I waited for the videos to be published

According to the prosecutor’s office, Torbe He claimed that he did not know that the young woman was not yet 18 years old. He admits that when he agreed to record two scenes in exchange for money, he found out later and so decided to wait to post them online.

The prosecutor’s office also emphasizes that the spread of the video harmed the young woman. moderate to severe post-traumatic stress disorder This produced severe symptoms of re-experiencing events “with memories and dreams that disturbed him and caused irritability.” He even went so far as to state that what happened had a “serious” impact on his personal, family and social life, and that he “had to quit his education because he could not continue his education.”

Therefore, the representative of the Public Ministry requested that Torbe be tried for the crimes of distributing and possessing child pornography and discovering and disclosing secrets. background Regarding the issue, the producer spent half a year in temporary prison in 2016 It is cancelledAs his defense confirmed to this newspaper, it is unclear whether he will go to prison.

However, the popular prosecution confirmed at the beginning of the process that it would request the postponement of the hearing if Torbe, who agreed to testify electronically, did not physically come to the hearing. And if an agreement had been reached, it would have demanded an annulment, something the defense criticized: a “delaying” measure aimed only at “shattering the media spotlight.” The judge approved the possibility of telematic notification to “speed up” justice procedures.

complaint in Romania

According to the prosecutor’s office, Torbe contacted a young Romanian woman who verbally stated that she was of legal age in December 2012 and agreed to record two pornographic videos in exchange for money for the young woman’s participation. . , who will take the stage name “Jessica Ping” or “Jessica Sing”, and JMR C, one of the producer’s collaborators, demanded that a fine be imposed instead of a six-month prison sentence.

After recording the video, the young woman gave this person her ID card to verify his identity. minority age He reassures the girl who was born in 1995. “Right away” he said To Torbe.

The producer waited for the young woman to reach the age of consent and published the two videos on her website, “even though she knew she was underage when she recorded two videos of herself having sexual intercourse.” sexual. These events were reported by the young woman. Romania.

‘Aúpa Athletic’

This is not the only case in which Torbe is being tried, it is part of a larger procedure. On October 21, 2015 The defendant contacted another girl via email account who requested to be able to record a scene featuring such adult content by “stating that she was of legal age when filling out the request form.”

The young woman attached numerous nude photographs of herself to Torbe, and after several meetings, they agreed that she would come to his home for sexual intercourse “without knowing who the defendant was.” He forced the young woman violently or intoxicated her with a substance to thwart his will.”

Torbe recorded what happened there on his mobile phone.”with knowledge and consent“of the young woman. A week later, he sent another defendant a photo of the girl in which she appeared naked and her face was “clearly” visible.”

A week later, the girl returned to Torbe’s house to record a new sexually explicit scene, this time with a young woman of legal age. When the recording was over, the porn producer and actor asked the protected witness to put on her Athletic Bilbao shirt and pull it up, exposing her breasts, and scream while he continued recording. “Aúpa Athletic”.

On the same day, the defendant sent the video to FJMN and several football players, for whom the prosecutor demanded a three-year prison sentence for possession of child pornography. without knowing “for sure” that she was underage.

Three days later, the girl called Torbe and told him that the video had gone viral and that she was not yet 18. For this reason, Torbe sent a message to the site from his e-mail account.ForocochesTo ensure its removal. Finally, in November 2015, the young woman, with the help of her father, filed a complaint at the Alcobendas National Police Station.

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