‘The Sultan’s dream’ is the possibility of a feminist utopia

At first, the data may affect: none of the first 70 editions San Sebastian Festival European animated films were included in the competition “For a long time, the misconception that animated films were only for children was accepted as valid in all cinema fields, but Fortunately, things are changing,” explains Isabel Herguera in a conciliatory tone.Thanks to the director of the movie, The competition turned the statistics upside down in its 71st year. titled ‘sultan’s dreamIt is inspired by the story of the same name narrated by Bengali. Rokeya Hussein He wrote it at the beginning of the last century and, in his opinion, changed the life of the animator and filmmaker from San Sebastian. “Thanks to her, I became acutely aware of my situation as a woman and the complicity that unites me with all other women, regardless of language, culture, and skin color.”

With a long career in short films, advertising and the visual arts, his first feature film began to take shape more than a decade ago, when he discovered Hussain’s book during one of his frequent stints in India. ; Its cover depicted a woman on a spaceship, and its pages portrayed a fantasy. Utopian region called Ladyland in which Women had not only knowledge but also political power and while economical the men lived secluded in the house. The adaptation of this story, of course, covers only one of the film’s several plots. ‘The Sultan’s Dream’, which includes the author’s biography throughout its images, treats Herguera’s story as a chronology, based on the travel notebooks he collected in these years and using a character named Inés, who has an ‘alter ego’ profession. own creation process. The film as a whole “reflects a very personal journey, but also responds to a social need: to continue to break down a rigid and absurd logic of power by showing how absurd the roles we have are,” the director explains. men and women respectively, which have long been adopted.

In general, it is true that there is a ‘Sultan’s Dream’. does not display the necessary narrative energy and clarity Keeping these scenarios moving forward and dialoguing with each other, however, more than makes up for this shortcoming through a resolution. A series of images that dazzle and hypnotize Three different animation techniques are used. “To recreate the story told in the original, we resorted to creations replicated with mendhi, a technique for temporary tattoos done with henna that originated in workshops I teach with Indian women,” explains Herguera. “We used a shadow puppetry-like technique to recreate the life of Rokeya Hussain, and the rest of the film was developed through traditional animation.” The result of this combination is definitely not only aimed at children, but also does not give up on the children’s audience. “I don’t know if ‘Sultan’s Dream’ is feminist or not, but What I’m most interested in achieving with this is for girls to see this.They say they absorbed the story he told and were moved by his spirit.

Cinema for the five senses

Among the films competing for the Golden Oyster presented today, ‘All Dirt Roads Taste Like Salt‘Another exceptional first film female perspective abandoning linear narrative. Its director, American poet and photographer Raven Jackson, draws the portrait of a black woman through the moments of her forty-year life in Mississippi, from childhood to adulthood, and draws attention to her first kiss, marriage, pregnancy and a death. family, a traumatic separation and a moving reunion. He intuitively structures these elements, presumably trying to recreate the workings of memory, and in the process declares himself an auteur extraordinarily capable of creating the kind of cinema that is not only thought about, but also touched, smelled and even tasted.

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