Men and women need different nutrition for longevity JN/J Nutr: Men and women need different nutrition for longevity 20:05

Scientists from Nagoya University in Japan found that men and women need different diets for longevity: Women should eat more healthy fats and avoid overdoing carbohydrates, while men should limit fats and consume more carbohydrates. The study was published on: Journal of Nutrition (JN/J Nutr) .

The authors analyzed data from 81,333 Japanese people (34,893 men and 46,440 women) aged 35 to 69. The average body mass index is 23.7 for men and 22.2 for women, which falls within the healthy weight range. They were observed for more than nine years. Daily carbohydrate, fat, and total energy intake were assessed using a questionnaire.

Men who consumed less than 40% of their total energy from carbohydrates had a significantly higher risk of death. In contrast, women whose diets contained more than 65% carbohydrates had a higher risk of death. At the same time, the degree of carbohydrate processing did not matter, meaning that refined white rice and unrefined brown rice had approximately the same effect on the participants’ life expectancy.

Men who got more than 35% of their energy from fat had an increased risk of cancer-related death, especially if their intake of unsaturated fats, found in fish, seafood and plant-based foods, was low. In contrast, higher fat intake in women was associated with a lower risk of death. This suggests that fat intake may not have a detrimental effect on women’s life expectancy.

Diets that are extremely low in carbohydrates and fat are popular dietary strategies for improving health. But the study authors caution that long-term risks could potentially outweigh the short-term benefits of such diets.

Previous scientists I learnedthat a substance derived from hops can improve the health of obese people.

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