UN Nuclear Agency warns Iran is producing higher purity uranium

The UN atomic agency IAEA said on Thursday, Iranian continues to enrich more and more uraniumwith material included 60% puritya level close to what it takes to do atomic weapons.

In a confidential report that Efe had access to in Vienna, International investigators say that 60% enriched uranium reached 43.1 kilos on May 15, 23.7% more than at the beginning of March. the date the previous quarterly report was published.

In the case of enriched uranium up to 20%, the increase the last weeks have been the most remarkable, It goes from 182.1kg to 238.4kg, 31% more than it was at the beginning of March.

medical purposes

Iran Justifies Enriched Uranium Production up to 60% as material reserved for medical purposes.

enriched uranium reserves, different purities (2%, 5%, 20% and 60%) 3,491.8 kilos in mid-May, compared to the allowable 300 kilos (with a maximum purity of 3.67%) under the nuclear agreement Iran signed with the six major powers in 2015, known to Turkey JCPOA (English abbreviation).

As the rise continues Production of this fissile material with possible dual use, civil and military, Iran conducts limited inspections on its territory by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Specifically, Iranian investigators deny any visitation. type of installation without prior noticeNor do they provide access to electronic monitoring data on enriched uranium production.

According to the agency’s chief executive, Rafael GrossiThese restrictions, starting in February 2021, “Seriously affecting” the verification and control capacity of inspectors in Iran, The IAEA report says.

The JCPOA has been in limbo since 2018. United States of America He then decided to abandon the deal and impose new sanctions against Tehran under the administration of Republican President Donald Trump.

One year later Iran begins to violate its obligations under the agreementIn exchange for the lifting of sanctions, it has achieved a significant limitation of its nuclear capabilities.

Democrat Joe Biden’s US government has been around for more than a year Trying to negotiate with Iran to reinstate the JCPOA, Washington has so far been unsuccessful as it has refused to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from its list of terrorist groups.

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