Explore the French Riviera on your June Trip

Viajar magazine welcomes the article with a purely Mediterranean destination: the magical Côte d’Azur. A tour of this part of southern France is filled with exquisite towns, movie cliffs and medieval ruins that dazzled painters, sculptors and celluloid stars.

A contrasting environment to meet the inhabitants of M’Hamid El Ghizlane, the furthest of the oasis in the Draa River Valley in Morocco. Today, once the symbol of the date trade, drought affected area and desertification, with only 8,000 left.

From North Africa to the northwest coast of Ireland breathe the fresh air of the green area The meadows between Achill Island and Clare Island, one of the most unknown and fascinating parts of the country.

at Viajar magazine national destinations And on this occasion, it sets its sights on Almagro, which celebrates its 50th anniversary as a Historical-Artistic Complex this year and celebrates its 45th Classical Theater Festival. An important destination.

And we continue to search in Spain. The most magical places to stay in the valleys of Navarra and review why you deserve an adventure on the beach of Castellón.

Adventure-seeking travelers will also have the opportunity to join one of the upcoming ones. Expeditions TRAVELJoin hands with the great experts to immerse yourself in the experience, which will set its course in Greenland, Lapland and Bolivia in the coming months.

Also, the travels of Berta Vázquez and Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Greece’s mysterious Napata Kingdom for top writers, Chengdú’s most exclusive street, Jinli Street, Spain’s best seabeds, Chilean gastronomy and much more.

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