You don’t need to mess around in battle to keep your kitchen clean. We already know it’s a production. daily cleaning Important: the sink, ceramic hob, countertops and floors are the foundation of any business. kitchen. Of course you clean these surfaces every day, but you can go a little further.


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The tiles in your kitchen are an essential piece when it comes to keeping this room clean, especially the ones right in front of it. ceramic hob or fires. Oil and all kinds of food often stick to this surface and it is important to clean it properly.

We have told you before in this article that you can clean the tiles in your kitchen with soap and water, you don’t need more. You can fill a small basin with water and pour some liquid soap into it. You will be able to finish with the dirt you find. Now, if you want a stronger cleaning with disinfection, you can mix a jet with hot water. ammonia. The mixture will be stronger and there will be no trace of germs. Another option is to use vinegar. In these last two cases, you should rinse the surface with clean water with a cloth to remove product residues and avoid bad odor on the surface. kitchen.

Clean kitchen tiles with white stone

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Another option you can use is the famous and well-known white stone cleaning. Composed of glycerin and sodium carbonate among others, this clay is used to clean countless surfaces in our homes. From ceramic hobs and hobs to electrical appliances, the bottom of pans, burnt iron or car tires and headlights.

It is therefore also ideal for cleaning kitchen tiles and it doesn’t get any easier or faster than that. Remove any food residue that may have adhered to it with a cloth and wet the sponge that came with the stone in the clay. Take the product with a sponge and run it over the tiles. If you have a more resistant stain, you can rub harder. Then remove excess product with a damp cloth and you will see how shiny they are. Don’t forget about the joints where more dirt builds up and makes it even uglier. Also, if you have them black, it could be an indication that you have accumulated moisture and mold.