anil murthy stop being president Valencia CF with “sudden effect After the SUPER exclusive to Los Audios de Anil. The club made an official statement this Monday to announce the decision. It is now explained in the note that Sean Bai will be acting CEO.

In the same note, Meriton explains through the club that the Board of Directors will “immediately begin a search process to identify the new Valencia CF President”.. For now To my teacher Kalimuddin He will be the Chairman of the Council “supervising club management”.

Likewise, it is noted about the speeches he has published. super sport About the ex-president of Valencia CF: “The Council would like to clarify that the contents of the conversations that were leaked between Anil Murthy and various third parties were the personal views of Anil Murthy, not Valencia CF. Valencia CF is departing from the aforementioned views”

This is the official statement from Valencia CF:

“The Valencia CF Board refers to recent events that have sadly affected the Club’s relationship with fans, government officials and Valencian civil society. Leaked conversations between Anil Murthy and various third parties are personal opinions Not from Anil Murthy and Valencia CF. Valencia CF departs from the aforementioned views.

The Council values ​​the importance of the close relationship between the Club, the community, fans, government officials, the media and other actors associated with Valencia CF. The Council considers a change in leadership necessary to regain the credibility of the fans and the community in order to position Valencia CF on the path to success. Anil Murthy will cease to be president and employee of Valencia CF with immediate effect.

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Bai as interim CEO. Sean Bai has been with the club since 2018 and is currently the Director of Valencia CF Academy. During this interim period, Bai will primarily oversee Valencia CF’s football operations and report directly to the Board.

The Council will immediately initiate a search process to identify the new President of Valencia CF and an announcement will be made when the time comes. Meanwhile, Valencia CF Non-Executive Director, Khojama Kalimuddin, will assume the role of Chairman of the Board to oversee the administration of the Club during this period.

The Board wishes to reiterate that Valencia CF is fully committed to achieving its long-term growth and success and completing the construction of the New Mestalla. We look forward to working with fans, officials and other stakeholders to achieve these goals.”