We talked to you on other occasions ikea hackor how you can transform a piece of furniture from the Swedish brand and transform it into practically new furniture to adapt it to your style. just need some inspiration and some handsWhy do you deny?


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But the truth is, a typical piece of furniture can be completely new if you decide to transform it. This is what we recommend to you shoemaker Bissa’s ikea. A very simple piece of furniture with straight lines and two or three folding compartments for your shoes.

If you choose the one with two drawers, you should know that it is 93 cm high, 49 wide and 28 deep. Drawer dividers can be removed if you need space for larger shoes like boots. If you keep the two dividers, they can fit up to eight pairs of shoes.

Note that this piece of furniture needs to be fixed to the wall and is available in two colors: black and white. This model cost 35 euros.

If you find it small or you need storage space, you can choose the Bissa, which is 135 centimeters high and has three drawers that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. this cost 49 euros.

How to transform an Ikea Bissa shoe cabinet

The living room is the entrance door of our house, as we know it is a very important first impression. That’s why you shouldn’t leave any detail to chance and remember that less is more. So even if you have very little space, you can get an ideal space that can be extremely useful as well as beautiful.

What do you need to have the perfect salon? Well, depending on your needs, however, a shoe rack or a bench can be very useful furniture. Then it’s always good for you to have a space where you can leave the keys, for example.

if you like Bissa shoe cabinet from Ikea and if you want to use it for your living room, we found a few suggestions to make it ideal. First, you can put it alone and place decorative items like baskets (for keys), some pictures or some mirrors.

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If you’re a bit of a handyman, we’ve found it to be ideal for placing. a wooden board (You can also buy it at Ikea) and give it a Scandinavian style. But you can also get beautiful handles. With a little skill you can completely transform this piece of furniture and make it perfect in your living room.