How to prepare caramelized onions step by step

Few accompaniments equal in the kitchen caramelized onions. As an ingredient, it pairs well with a wide variety of recipes and in many different occasions: tapas, pinchos, hamburgers, main courses… Almost no one can resist its characteristic flavor and texture. But most of the time when we are at home we forget about it because Although it is simple to prepare, it requires patience.

If the day has come to get down to work or the dough, we must heed a number of recommendations. These Here are the steps we need to follow to make perfect caramelized onions step by step:


  • Onion

  • oil

  • extra virgin olive

  • Salt

The process of making caramelized onions. Shutterstock

The first thing we should consider is the amount we want to prepare. We will have to weigh the type of food we will taste and the number of guests, and let’s not forget that the onion will decrease a little while cooking.

Cover the bottom of your pan with extra virgin olive oil and we set the fever to medium-high. When it starts to heat up, add the onion, stirring for a few minutes before reducing the heat to low. It is important that the strips do not overlap, so that they all cook the same.

While caramelizing, it will take a little over an hourIt is appropriate to stir occasionally so that the strips are cooked evenly, always being careful not to burn them so that their flavor does not become bitter. Little by little, we’ll see how onion acquires a caramel color and honey texture Typical of this garrison. Optionally, we can add salt at the end of the process.

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