Due to today’s dizzying pace, we often find ourselves postponing some tasks. cleaning. One of the activities that is often neglected but has a significant impact on the look and feel of our home is cleaning windows. If you feel identified and looking for How to clean glass effectivelyRead on because we have a surprise for you.

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The truth is that art clean the glass This is something that most of us have not mastered perfectly. The process can be a nightmare due to rainwater stains, fingerprints and sometimes oil. But Karen Shields, a dedicated influencer cleaning tipsshared a revolutionary method that created a sensation on social networks.

Viral Cleaning Trick: How to Clean Windows with Two Simple Ingredients

After 50 years of dealing with windows that could never be completely cleaned, Karen found the “holy grail” of home hacks. The key lies in a mixture most of us already have at home, she assures. Her suggestion: A solution of 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar in a diffuser. It’s that simple and economical!

So how did this idea come about? Karen admits she used a tool before this discovery glass cleaner I could not achieve the expected results with aerosol and paper towels. He often had to repeat the process several times to get shiny windows and glass. That’s when he decided to experiment with natural ingredients, looking not only for effectiveness but also for a more environmentally friendly method.

Karen’s suggested process cleaning windows It’s pretty simple. After spraying the water and vinegar mixture generously onto the glass, use a squeegee to remove any dirt. For tougher areas like edges and corners, he recommends using newsprint, a surprisingly effective tool that provides a glossy, streak-free surface.

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This house trick emphasizes the importance of looking for natural and economical alternatives in our cleaning routine. In addition to being kind to the planet, these cleaning tricks Karen shares can be more effective and beneficial to our health than many commercial products. So next time you’re faced with the challenge of cleaning your windows, remember that the solution may be in your pantry.

For more cleaning tips and tricks, be sure to follow experts like Karen Shields and visit our Decorating section. With the right tools and knowledge, your home will shine like never before!