Scientists find that having a child with autism increases parents’ risk of divorce 09:17

American psychologists from the University of California at Los Angeles studied the divorce rate in families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It turns out that such marriages often break down in the first five years after the birth of a child with ASD. To work published In the scientific journal Journal of Family Psychology (JFP).

Autism is a developmental condition characterized by a wide range of symptoms and problems with social interaction, communication, and behavior. People with autism often have unique strengths and differences in the way they experience the world. It is a lifelong condition that can affect each person differently and makes each case unique.

Caring for a child with autism can be emotionally and financially draining, and these factors can put strain on marital relationships.

108 families with children with autism participated in the research. The researchers used a combination of surveys and assessments to collect data on marital status, child’s age at divorce, parents’ education and other aspects. They also tracked when divorces occurred in these families and examined whether certain periods were associated with higher risk.

It turned out that 40 percent of divorces in such families occur in the first five years after the birth of the child, and 25 percent occur between the ages of 10 and 15. By the time a son or daughter with ASD reaches age 30, the divorce rate rises to 36%.
Parents of children with autism are more likely to divorce than parents caring for children with more severe developmental disabilities, scientists have found.

Several factors have been associated with the risk of divorce. The likelihood of divorce was higher in families whose parents were less educated and whose mothers were younger at the time the child was born. It was also revealed that having siblings with autism also affected the risk of divorce, and this effect was observed around the age of 13.

Psychologists say the study sheds light on the divorce rate among parents of children with autism. This information should facilitate the adaptation of social support services to help parents of special children cope with their difficulties.

Previous scientists to create Seven signs of autism in Hercule Poirot, the brilliant detective in the novels of author Agatha Christie.

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