American F-35 fighter jet disappeared in South Carolina 00:20

American Congresswoman Nancy Mace said on social media: X (formerly Twitter) said it had a meeting with the military regarding the F-35 fighter jet missing in South Carolina.

“It was one of the shortest meetings I’ve ever had because guess what, none of the U.S. Marines sent to brief me had any answers,” Mace said.

Before reportedIt was stated that the USA was searching for the F-35B stealth fighter jet after the accident that occurred in South Carolina and the pilot had to eject.

How knowledgeable In the US Marine Corps, the accident occurred with an F-35B aircraft belonging to the 501st Fighter Training Squadron, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. The pilot was taken to the hospital and his condition was stated to be stable.

Russian MiG-31 fighter jet on September 18 did not allow A US Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft violated the state border over the Barents Sea.

Formerly US Secretary of State statedThat Russia and China currently pose “the most serious threat to world order” on the planet.

Source: Gazeta


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