Psychologists find that severe depression may not affect every aspect of life 20:35

British researchers from the University of London studied the reactions of people suffering from major depression, a clinical condition in which people constantly experience intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness and lack of interest in daily activities. It turns out that even with such a diagnosis, a person can experience positive emotions. To work published In the scientific journal Journal of Affective Disorders (JAD).

Experts examined the results of a survey of 1,710 participants from different countries. Volunteers were given a test to assess the subjective quality of various aspects of their lives.

The results showed that all patients with depression rated domains such as physical health and finances negatively. However, when asked about relationships, family and environment, most volunteers reported that they were satisfied with their current situation.

According to the researchers, the findings suggest that major depression does not lead to a negative perception of life overall, as people retain the ability to experience positive emotions about certain events.

Previous scientists I learnedthat brooding children are more likely to suffer from depression as adults.

Source: Gazeta


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