People with dizziness learned how to prevent falling in love They found that physical therapy in Minneapolis reduced the risk of falling due to dizziness 22:59

Scientists from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis found that physical therapy reduced the risk of falls in patients with dizziness. The research was published in a journal JAMA Ear Nose Throat – Head and Neck Surgery.

The study used data from 805,454 patients aged 18 and over who were diagnosed with dizziness. Within a year, 7% had a fall that required them to see a doctor.

6% of the total number of patients consulted a physiotherapist within three months of their application due to dizziness. Physical therapy for this condition includes balance training, coordination training, and teaching techniques to help manage dizziness.

Between three months and one year after the first doctor’s visit, the risk of falling in the physical therapy group was 86% lower than in the group that did not receive it.

The scientists also found that physical therapy was least prescribed to women ages 50 to 59 and to patients with multiple comorbidities.

“The results of this study suggest that timely referral to physical therapy may reduce the risk of falls in adults with various types of dizziness,” the authors said.

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