this epipremnum aureumwidely known pothos, pothos or pothos (used to be classified in genus Photosso it’s already stuck with that name) kind of climbing plant AraceaeIt is native to the tropical forests of Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. The ease with which we maintain and grow rapidly has made it one of the most popular plants for homes in warm regions like the Mediterranean: with enough light you can keep it growing strong and healthy.


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Where can I put pothos so that it grows well?

this potos a light-hungry plantIt is recommended even if it is resistant to any environment. keep it inside in a light place (for example, on a balcony or near a window that gets a lot of light).

They are tall and climber so you can set them high and let them droop or tangle their leaves while growing on a vertical surface. The leaves expand and grow as they grow.

Pothos is a climbing plant of tropical origin that withstands the Mediterranean climate very well.

My potosus pachucho, what can I do?

Pothos is a very simple plant to care for. and also, it can be easily “recovered” if you start filing s.signs of disease or decay. if you potos has a bad appearance, can grow very long stems with few leaves, leaves a not very dense plant: looking for light because there is not enough lighting where you put it.

One solution might be to replant the cuttings from the long stem into the same plant (this will make the plant much denser). The best thing you can do when they are bare is to trim the stems. if you start presenting hyellowish eyes and the soil it’s on doesn’t seem to have dried out at all, the best you can do is transport.

In addition, there are tips to protect your plants from possible fungi and parasites, such as: clean your plant with vinegarthis will help you keep him healthy and happy.

How often do you need to water Pothos?

We are not dealing with a plant that requires very special or complex care. Pothos is an ideal plant if you are not at home much or forget to water the pots regularly.

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This plant needs you to water it moderately (if you suffocate, the leaves will start to turn yellow, fall off and not grow lushly) and moist soil, watering and waiting for it to dry between watering, will be more than enough. This routine, along with the right location and lighting, should be enough for your pothos to grow in no time.