Three days of voting in the mayoral elections in Moscow have ended 21:03

Three days of voting in the elections for Moscow mayor and TiNAO municipal deputies ended in Moscow. This has been reported Online Public headquarters for monitoring elections in Moscow.

“Almost 3.3 million people participated in the elections for the mayor of Moscow and TiNAO municipal deputies,” said Olga Kirillova, head of the Moscow City Election Commission.

According to Vadim Kovalev, head of the Headquarters for Election Observation in Moscow, the votes of Muscovites who prefer electronic voting are reliably protected by modern technologies.

“The number of online voters is even greater because the technology is convenient, it has been used in Moscow for four years and is now the norm,” he said.

Kovalev also reminded that at 20.15, the procedure for connecting the electronic voting decryption key will take place at the Moscow City Election Commission, after which the counting of votes will begin. Voters who cast ballots at polling stations using electronic voting terminals have their votes instantly entered into the blockchain, meaning those who voted online will be counted along with their results.

Additionally, the procedure for counting paper votes at voting centers has also started. The commissions first verify the number of paper ballots, cancel unused ones and take other necessary actions. PEC members then begin counting the paper ballots.

It was recorded that more than 11 thousand observers watched the voting process during the three election days. At the same time, the events were also watched from the headquarters’ video center. According to Kovalev, everything went well at the polls and on the Internet.

“The Center did not send a single letter about them to the Moscow City Election Commission. However, the headquarters does not finish its work until the final election results are announced,” he said.

Let us remind you that the elections for the Mayor of Moscow and deputies in 13 municipalities affiliated with TiNAO were held in the capital for three days, from September 8 to 10. Voters will be able to cast their votes online or by going to the polls.

Source: Gazeta


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