Muscovites warned of abnormal showers on May 26 and 27

Evgeny Tishkovets, a prominent employee of the Phobos weather center, said that from the evening of May 26 to noon on May 27, more than 30% of monthly precipitation of up to 20 mm will fall on Moscow. The estimator talked about it telegraph channel.

In the first half of Thursday it will still be warm and sunny in the capital, with time to warm up to +19°C…+21°C.

“However, after 3 pm, with the approach of the atmospheric front from the west, the sky will be covered with multi-layered rain clouds – heavy and rather heavy downpours will be loaded,” Tishkovets writes.

Formerly Tishkovets declarationThe meteorological summer in Moscow, which usually begins on May 28, will be late this year and will only come with the start of calendar summer. According to forecasts, no more than 0°C…+5°C is expected at night in the capital, while during the daytime it will “cold peak” and only +5…+10, which is even lower than in April. norm.

Also a specialist of the Meteonovosti news agency Tatyana Pozdnyakova warnedthat rainy weather will return to Moscow on May 26-27. After leaving the daytime cyclone, the temperature can rise up to 20°C.

Source: Gazeta


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