How to build an ‘insect hotel’ and improve biodiversity?

In this article, Miguel Á, president of Reforesta. Ortega explains how to build ourselves The insect hotel was built to facilitate the arrival of such wooden boxes.pollinators

. These species are crucial to the maintenance of ecosystems, but they are also highly threatened by climate change, pesticides and pollution.

There are 1,965 native bee species in Europe. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, 9.2% of them are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss as a result of intensive agriculture.

About 80% of plants depend on pollination, which makes insects a vital link in the functioning of life. Of all the insects that support plant reproduction,bees are the most important , because they are the most efficient pollinators. But there are more pollinating insects. Depending on the type of flower, others are involved in collecting nectar and pollen.Bumblebees, wasps, beetles, flies and butterflies

… Even elsewhere in the world, birds and mammals such as bats and hummingbirds play a role in pollination. Parts included in an insect hotel

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A balance in danger Use of pesticides, agrochemicals, pollution and climate change

For decades they have been wreaking havoc on the health of these pollinators. As a result, its population has dwindled alarmingly. Not just in Europe. Building a hotel for insects, whether in the countryside or in the city, is to provide them with a safe place to hide when the cold comes or protect their eggs when the heat hits. After all, a way to increase population These creatures are essential for the survival of ecosystems.‘Ecological Armageddon’

. If you dare to build your own hotel for insects, do not hesitate, you will be richly rewarded as the benefits for the ecosystem in which it is located are innumerable.pollination , increased biodiversity insects and oxygenation

(many insects dig small tunnels that facilitate aeration of the soil) are some of these benefits.

The presence of insects guarantees the decomposition of carrion and its excreta, which increases the natural richness and fertilization of the soil. Insect hotels also contributestrengthening the food chain , because insectivorous animals (birds, amphibians, reptiles…) will easily find food. alsopest control

Some guests of your hotel, such as ladybugs, will feed on plant parasites such as aphids or cotton mealybugs.

the best guests To maintain a good balance in your hotel’s ecosystemattracting a wide variety of insects

so you get different benefits from each of your guests. On the one hand, you can invite pollinators:bumblebees or solitary bees and wasps

They do not pose any danger, because unlike social ones they are independent (with replaceable workers in hives or wasp nests) and each female has to feed her tribe, a responsibility that forces them not to risk their lives with unnecessary aggression. hour mason bees

They build adobe walls in their rooms to build their nests, and the pottery wasp will mold the mud into a bowl-shaped house where it will carry the potato beetle larvae and lice and devour them in the presence of the sea. house. Other animals that can occupy the suite include:lace and ladybugs

, aphid predators, mealybugs, whitefly, etc. An unrivaled natural pesticide to keep plants and crops safe. Another hotel example for insects

nils schirmer This insects They are also good hosts. fromsoldier beetle Besides eating snails and controlling aphid pests, it also works as a pollinator. circulating (eats insect larvae and slugs) oron the ground

Eliminates wireworms that kill your plants at the root. In short, you will be able to hang the entire sign as soon as you have it built, becausespiders, earwigs, flower flies and other small insects

s takes up space immediately. Profitability will be maximum.

How to build a homemade insect hotel

Knowing what your guests like the most so that their stay is to their liking is suitable to meet all their needs and that is why they want to stay. Wood is the star material in the construction of walls. In forest again

we usually recycle strawberry boxes for this. The fewer artificial treatments you have, the better.

  • In this case, decoration and design is up to the taste of the consumer. Here are some tips about your potential customers’ tastes:Hollow straws or perforated logs
  • : A haven for the potter wasp, bumblebees, solitary bees, ladybugs, and flying flies, but when the holes are filled with bush stems, the latter is love. Straw and mud filled bricks
  • It is the perfect home for solitary bees. A Drawr

  • Nests filled with weeds, bark, and leaves are best for pulling laces. This hollow wood

  • (bamboo or cane) is preferred by masonry bees. This reverse clay pots

  • hay and chopped wood earwig filled with love. This organic fertilizer

  • with leaves, fertilizers, stones… they delight insects Cardboard or bark spiral

It is best for the praying mantis to stay close.

If you wish, you can drill holes in the wooden case with a drill. Everything you can think of to make this hotel as attractive as possible. They can be any size

Tania Malrechauffe Finally, remember that any five-star hotel is very well located, so we recommend meeting some of these requirements. For example, to be 30 centimeters from the ground and protectedwind . In sunny field preferably south-southwest oriented. a

plants and flowers (umbelliferae, legumes, cruciferae…) as well as the nearby water point.

Every effort we make for these pollinators will benefit us much more.

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