The “glass of water” method: This is how the elders in Elche were tricked into stealing from their homes.

They ring the bell, suffocate the old men and women with great sympathy (sometimes disguised as relatives), and by various means “force” them to enter the house. blackmail or deception to commit a robbery. National Police elche He arrested a 35-year-old Spanish woman as the alleged perpetrator of a theft, which in police jargon calls it “modus operandi”. “a glass of water”.

The Elche Police Station Forensic Police Brigade launched an investigation after two women broke into an old woman’s house using this method and stole.

way of working

According to Elche National Police sources, usually a small group of people participate in such thefts and robberies in order to provide as much privacy as possible for the victim. Normally, it is Spanish women who, after making a brief “investigation” about their victims, knock on their door to deceive the elderly and/or their dependents by pretending to be relatives (acquaintances, sometimes distant nieces…). With great rhetoric and numerical superiority, they manage to overwhelm the victim until they reach the house.

While one of the attackers entertains the victim by chatting with them after they enter, the other steals valuables and searches the rooms under the pretext of going to the toilet or getting a “glass of water”. After taking the loot, they leave the house under any pretext, and only later realizes that the victim may have taken her jewellery, money or other valuable personal items.

After the relevant investigation by police agents, they were able to identify the authors and locate one of them. Other suspects are currently being sought.

Source: Informacion


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