Director nicknamed Maniac. How did young Muscovites pass the fatal screen tests?

“The Acting Test”

From 1988 to 1990, a wave of rape swept Moscow, including underage girls. And then the brutal killings began. Investigators decided that this was the work of a serial criminal, all that was known about him at that time was that the attacker introduced himself as the director and allegedly chose the girls to participate in the screen tests.

The first victim of the maniac was a boy who came from Noginsk to the center of Moscow for shopping. Near the Detsky Mir store, a man approached her and introduced himself as the director. He showed his identity – it was stated that his name was Chaplygin Eduard Lvovich and he worked at Mosfilm.

At first, the girl was skeptical of her desire to participate in the filming of a film produced jointly with a French film studio. But the attacker managed to completely win him over, explaining in detail the film, which, according to him, will take place in Paris.

The only thing that bothered her were a few bed scenes. Then the man suggested that he go to the apartment where the film crew was and do a short audition. He agreed. First, the director took her to the entrance, where she asked him to act something “to test his acting skills,” and then stripped down to his waist.

Also, a new acquaintance gave the victim two pills to drink – supposedly you may have to drink champagne on the set, and the drug neutralizes the effects of alcohol. When they arrived at the apartment, the so-called director offered him strong coffee. The taste of the drink was tasteless and very bitter. “Chaplygin” explained: This is real, Brazilian coffee.

After that, the girl’s memory clouded. But after a while he will explain to the operators that he is in a kind of prohibited state. “Chaplygin” took off his swimsuit, undressed, turned on the camera and “had casual and perverse sex with her.”

Having completed his actions, “Chaplygin” dressed him in old foreign things, took him to the site of the Podolsk railway station and left him there. The victim was found by the police. However, the girl could not identify the culprit in detail and helped to catch him.

“Forced me to eat my stool and drink my urine”

Meanwhile, the maniacal director continued to lure and rape minors, keeping some of them in captivity for several days. Before the release, “Chaplygin” pumped the victims with potent drugs, after which they could no longer remember what had happened.

“Those were the scariest days of my life. He kept me tied up in his apartment for five days. He raped me two or three times a day, in the most perverted ways. He forced me to eat his excrement and drink urine, and once forced me to open my vein and drink a glass of blood,” she said.

The more victims there were, the more nervous the serial rapist started to get. The man was afraid that one of the victims would remember his appearance and address.

The director concluded that it would be safer not to leave the girls alive. So a man from a rapist turned into a murderer. Moreover, he dealt with the girls in different ways so that the police officers did not connect these crimes to a series.

Thus, the first killed “Chaplygin” took his life with a knife and drowned the second in the bathroom. The third girl, whom he had strangled in a dressing gown with a belt and threw into the street, awoke and finally survived. Five more girls, to whom the rapist gave a lethal dose of drugs, survived.

Raping and robbing another victim, Chaplygin brewed 80 tablets of powder, grabbed a bottle of water and dragged the barely standing girl onto the suburban train to Tsaritsyno station. Before getting in the car, he forced her to swallow a lethal dose of sleeping pills under the guise of yogurt. Then the man brought the body to the car and laid it on the bank – the victim was already unconscious. The director himself got off the train.

The rapist used the same scheme as the other girls, but contrary to the expectations of the criminal, his victims did not take a lethal dose of drugs – they vomited, and in all cases timely medical care was provided. True, for several days the condition of the girls was critical, but in the end they survived.

“So, director, are you here?”

In 1990, what the maniac feared most happened: one of the surviving victims did not completely lose his memory, but managed to regain memories of the day of the attack, although not immediately. The girl was able to identify the intruder and even show the street and the house, where she was brought to the “dump”.

The victim also recalled: spent several days in an apartment, from whose window a monument to a bearded man was visible. Investigators realized and suggested that this could be a monument to Ho Chi Minh near the Akademicheskaya metro station.

Until then, investigators had no substantial evidence to allow them to catch the rapist. A common motif of the testimony was the story of the director of Mosfilm approaching girls on the streets with an offer to participate in screen tests.

MUR employees Sergey Karasev, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Sergey Losev studied thousands of personal files of Mosfilm employees, trying to find at least one clue. In the center of Moscow, near the shops “Children’s World”, “Petrovsky Pass”, on Kuznetsky Most and Pushkinskaya Street, as well as near the metro station “Akademicheskaya”, operators disguised as bored girls wandered around, but the attacker did not pay them any attention.

It was possible to abduct the man purely by chance – after persuading another girl to go to him, he got into a taxi. The car turned out to be a dummy, an operator was sitting behind the steering wheel. After the car door slammed shut, the driver asked the passenger, “So, manager, are you here?” said.

The answer to the question was shocking. The serial rapist and murderer known to the police as the “Director of Death” calmly replied: “Are you interested in the murders? Ready to tell.”

Humbert’s follower

During numerous interrogations, the real name of the maniac became known – his name was Valery Georgievich Asratyan. A man was born in a prosperous family in Yerevan.

Forensic psychiatrists discovered several oddities in his childhood. In particular, Asratyan preferred to play with dolls with girls than with boys. He had his first sexual experience with a 13-year-old adult woman. A few years after that, his mistresses became the same age, whom Asratyan easily convinced of an intimate relationship.

The more experience the maniac gained, the more clearly he realized that he was attracted to very young girls. He finally came to this conclusion after reading Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. Asratyan saw himself in the role of Humbert, and the image of Lolita became his ideal.

He became interested in psychology at school, and after receiving a certificate in 1975, he entered the Republic Pedagogical Institute with a degree in preschool psychology and pedagogy. Five years later, Asratyan got a job as a psychologist in a special boarding school for children with disabilities, and a year later he moved to live in Moscow and successfully married a single woman.

In 1982, a man was sentenced to two years in prison for molesting an underage child. Then he harassed a girl in the street, screaming and pointing Asratyan to passers-by.

A year after his release, the man harassed another girl. Maniac was found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison. He was released in 1987 for his exemplary behavior. But Asratyan did not manage to return to his wife – his wife kicked him out of the house.


Also during the interrogations, Asatryan admitted to being an accomplice who helped him lure the victims. After his release, when his wife refused to let him into the house, the man met Marina Agayeva, 40, from Moscow, and her 14-year-old mentally ill daughter.

He then forced his mother and daughter to help him in crimes – he frightened them with murder and used them as concubines. And the powerful drugs that the teenager took were used against his victims. Even then, he came up with a script to lure the girls and made himself a fake director.

“Mother and daughter helped the girls feel confident that we truly were a film crew. We agreed in advance: who and what has to do. Also, Marina and Tanya (Agayeva’s daughter – had to help the girls, take them to the toilet and feed them.

Under the influence of pills, some experienced involuntary urination, drooling. It was necessary to wash linen and utensils, clean the apartment, monitor their condition, ”Asratyan said.

Also, after the rape, the maniac, after the rape, dressed the helpless girls in plasters, took out rings, earrings, necklaces from them, poured a large dose of the drug into their mouths, and then took them out. house. He always took his victims out in a roundabout way, so that the girl could under no circumstances find a house or remember the path they walked.

Selling stolen jewelry, Hasratyan bought champagne and clothes to be more believable as a director. Most often, he used antipsychotics, tranquilizers, tranquilizers, antidepressants to immobilize victims, combining them in different combinations and doses. Agayeva bought the aggressor’s drugs from the pharmacy according to prescriptions given to her sick daughter.

Asratyan surprised the operators with his talkativeness – he described in literally every detail how he killed and raped his victims.

The fake director also forced his cohabitant and his daughter to participate in the victims’ rape. He watched the lesbian sex scenes with interest, joined them and staged orgies according to his own scenario.

The maniac did not use contraceptives – one of the victims became pregnant after being caught by the director. An underage girl, who hid what had happened to her family from her family, reported it too late. Doctors did not dare abortion and gave birth to a child from a maniac.

asked to be executed

During the preliminary investigation, Asratyan was sitting in a cell with no neighbors – so he contacted law enforcement and frankly told them in detail about his crimes. The man feared what his cellmates might do to him because of the violence against minors.

For the same reason, he requested the death penalty for himself at the trial. As a result, he was sentenced to death. During the investigation, he was found guilty of 17 rapes, including two in connection with murder and six in connection with attempted murder.

Six years passed from the time he was arrested to the execution of Hasratyan, during which he was still attacked by some prisoners. No mental disorder was detected in the defendant.

When asked what he wanted before the execution, Hasratyan replied, “I want my sentence to be executed faster and to relieve me of this burden.”

After the trial, she refused to appeal and was executed in 1996 in the Butyrka pre-trial detention centre. Marina Agayeva, who helped him, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His daughter was not convicted for her mental disorders, but Hasratyan claimed that she was also involved in the crimes.

In the late 80s, a maniac appeared in Moscow who raped 17 underage girls and killed two of them. The criminal introduced himself to his victims as the director of Mosfilm, gave them psychotropic drugs, and then threw them out on the street. How the novel Lolita affected the maniac, why, after a series of rapes, he decided to kill his victims, and how he was able to find accomplices in the face of a cohabiting and sick teenage girl, in the Gazeta materialRu .

Source: Gazeta


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