Income 2021-2022: This is how you pay for a rented house

There are many doubts that can attack us as we prepare. income statement 2021. one of the usual what do you do if rental housing. Failure to declare in this case may result in fines from the Treasury. As a home owner, income from renting a home is considered income from real estate capital in personal income tax and forms part of the general tax base in which income from the business (salary) appears.

Thus, the type of tax to be applied to the taxpayer It will depend on the autonomous community you live in. and that in Navarra it can reach a maximum of 52%, for example 43.5% in Madrid.

As stated in the Treasury, measuring the rental income of the house finished withdrawal of money (full refunds) expenses considered deductible. Net income is obtained in this way and a 60% discount is applied over the positive amount, provided that the lease is for residential purposes. There is no longer a 100% discount for rentals made to persons under the age of 35.


on April 6, 2021 Income Campaign Thousands of Spaniards Submit by 30 June You can request your personal income tax returns before the Tax Office and therefore a draft declaration now.

In the first stage of the campaign, they could only submit a declaration. who will do it onlineThose who wanted to do their paperwork over the phone had to wait until May 5. June 1 will be the day you can physically go to the offices to do this.

Useful info:

Handbook for making an income statement

Draft tax return

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