Alarm in the USA: New York declares state of emergency over lack of formula milk for babies

Mayor New York, Eric Adams declared a state of emergency this Sunday Due to the shortage of baby food, both in the metropolis and throughout the country.

Given the lack of material that US president Joe Biden ordered to be launched an international operation to transport the product from Europe- The mayor gave permission to the Consumer and Labor Protection Agency to prevent inequality and price increases.

“Baby food shortage across the country It has caused unimaginable pain and anxiety to New York families, and we must act urgently,” Adams said in a statement collected by CNN.

The mayor guessed More than 40% of retailers are out of stock and prices range from €12 to €20 per box, depending on location. Depends on the chain.

President Biden made a call on Wednesday. special production law to increase supply in the midst of an almost complete collapse of the distribution chain.

Ingredients from Europe

Between the outbreak and the closure of a major Abbott lab factory, one of the main formula manufacturers, in February amid an investigation into infections that four babies were exposed to after ingesting their product, hundreds of American families were denied access to milk.

Biden also authorized the Department of Defense. use commercial aircraft to transport formula ingredients meeting federal standards by air In what the White House calls Operation “Fly Formula”.

first plane with 30,000 kilos of baby food shipped to the United States left Rammstein airbase in Germany this Saturday. Closing the gap is at the beginning of the contingency plan approved by the White House.

In the last hours, the president announced. Preparations for a second flight to transport Nestlé’s specialty infant formula to Pennsylvania.

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