Media announces NATO’s reluctance to use the words “NATO” and “membership” in relation to Ukraine 15:14

The members of the North Atlantic Alliance did not want to use the words “NATO” and “membership” in relation to Ukraine in the summit statement held in Vilnius. These release reports news weekHe cites a source close to the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The journal noted that the original version of the document was weaker than the final version, which acknowledged that Kiev’s path to full Euro-Atlantic integration went beyond the need for a Membership Action Plan.

“They said that Ukraine will be included in the Euro-Atlantic community. This was the original proposal. The source said that they do not want to use the word ‘membership’, they do not want to use the word ‘NATO’.

According to him, the proposal “had a hole big enough for several trucks to pass through.”

The publication emphasizes that Ukraine wants the document to state that aid to Kiev cannot replace NATO membership. However, according to the source, the White House and the US National Security Council opposed the proposal, calling it a “red line”.

“We later learned that the Germans forced the US administration to oppose these words, even though they told the Ukrainians it was okay,” the source added.

Kiev does not believe that Ukraine is approaching the bloc after the results of the summit.

Prior to that, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he was behind the talk about Ukraine’s entry into NATO “in pieces”. stop He plans to tear the country away from its western lands.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister told how Putin is. discretion Ukrainian army.

Source: Gazeta


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