Doctors have linked the consumption of sausages and grains to an increased risk of premature death.

Doctors from Loma Linda University in California found that high consumption of red meat and processed foods is associated with an increased risk of death. They talked more about this in a magazine article. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers analyzed the diets of more than 77,000 people, including vegetarians. After assessing the impact of more than 200 foods on participants’ health and adjusting for bad habits, comorbidities, and other factors, the researchers found that half of their calories came from processed foods (sausages, cereals, convenience foods, etc.) and only 12.5% ​​of all calories from such foods. The premature death rate increased by 14% compared to people who took it.

High consumption of processed foods has been associated with a higher incidence of respiratory, neurological diseases, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Also, the risk of premature death was increased due to red meat consumption – for every 40 g per day the risk increased by 8%.

“Our research addresses the question of what might make a vegetarian diet healthy or unhealthy. The proportion of highly processed foods in a person’s diet appears to be more important in terms of mortality than the proportion of animal products they actually consume. The exception is red meat,” the researchers said.

The mechanisms of action of deep processing products on health are not fully understood, the authors of the study note. However, their harm is obvious – therefore it is worth reducing their share in the diet and preferring other sources of protein to red meat.

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