Aragon’s employment manager arrested for harassing ex-partner for months

Huesca Raul Shrimpmanager Aragon Employment Institute (faith) Since 2019, she has been arrested by the Ankara Police Department Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) last Tuesday. Aragon, after going to Actur police station voluntarily. This is because, as this paper has learned, a alleged crime sexist violence, continued for six months to her ex-partner for the alleged harassment. Specifically, as a result of them ending their relationship on November 17, 2021 after spending a year and a half together. From 5 December until 15 May he presented his complaint in a “constant” manner at the Civil Guard post in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

The complainant points to the commission of the crime of gender-based violence because of alleged habitual ill-treatment in the family sphere. Especially in front of the Civil Guard, after a series of communications were showcased showing the alleged harassment over the phone, email or social networks, and the alleged attacker ignoring his victim’s constant demands to stop his behavior. She even claimed to have the recordings and messages she received from the two men with whom she started a romantic relationship after they broke up. According to her, a story full of episodes of her ex-boyfriend, started using fake accounts on networks to access after blocking normal communication channels They continued, ignoring their pleas.

The presiding judge, after receiving all the evidence taken, the complaint of these facts, and the defendant’s statement, decided to be released but ordered a restraining order that prevents you from coming within 500 meters of him, from working and working. beside the house forbidden to communicate with him in no way during the processing of transactions and until a final decision is reached.

The complainant made it clear that she had never been physically or sexually assaulted by the alleged aggressor, and this is the third time that this allegation of continued harassment began after she ended her romantic relationship in November. And at that moment, she started getting “sounds” of “crying” asking her to come back again, “photos of pill packs threatening to take his own life”.

Treatment with antidepressants

A month later she met someone she started an affair with, and after telling her, “received multiple calls during the day from a hidden number” and her partner received “friend requests” on fake account networks created by her and previously blocked. According to the complainant, he and Raúl last met in February to ask him again to stop his behavior.

Later that month, she started a second relationship with a man who started receiving messages on Instagram again, believing they were related to Raúl from the fake accounts she had blocked. And finally she addresses her boyfriend from her personal account and writes the message “be careful with the sick # next to the two ridiculous icons”. Their relationship ends and reassures, begins treatment with antidepressants and anxiolytics and has to take sick leave due to depression and anxiety arising from these events.

Finally, the victim explained that at the police station the attacker contacted his sister, that he had to disable a copy of the sim card of his phone, which was made without her consent, when he blocked her on the networks, he demanded that she unblock him. it wouldn’t “close the circle” if not. He also said he spoke with his mother, who asked him not to complain as her son is a politician and his career will be over. But she eventually decided to do it because, as she explained, she learned that a fake account had been created on her behalf with images of her in a swimsuit, and that it was used to imply herself. He also received a message from this account to his personal account and in it. A photo of Raúl appeared with a menacing message that read, “I’m going to kill him, be careful, I’m going after him because he’s a scumbag.”

ask for help

This 016 It helps victims of all forms of violence against women. It is a free and confidential phone that provides service in 53 languages ​​and does not leave a mark on the bill. Information is also provided via e-mail. Counseling and psychosocial care via WhatsApp number 600,000,016. In addition, minors can contact the ANAR phone. 900 20 20 10. All resources against gender-based violence.

National Police (091) and Civil Guardit (062)

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