Russians called the most common dangers for children in summer 07/14/2023, 23:55

In the summer, children face more dangers than any other time of the year. And because of the child’s curiosity, he can fall out of the window, get lost, get hit by a car, suffocate or be seriously poisoned. Elena Kalashnikova, a family and counseling psychologist, behavioral therapist, and blogger about parenting, told

“Every child, by the time he reaches a more or less conscious age, should know by heart his home address, his parents’ phone number, his full name. Before you go for a walk or outing in any public place and you suddenly lose each other, discuss where to meet up with the kids. If there is no such agreement, the child should know that he should not leave the place where he disappeared, he should call his parents loudly, ”the psycho-counselor said.

When it comes to communicating with adults, child safety officers should understand that they need to contact vendors or people with children and ask them to call their parents. It is also forbidden to go anywhere with strangers.

“For security with strangers, a password works well. If the adult applying on behalf of the parent does not know this password, the child should run. And remember that sometimes children, especially teenagers, leave the house on their own. Listening to children, taking care of their hobbies, recording friends’ phones and tracking their phone’s location with GPS very important. By mutual agreement, ”said Elena Kalashnikova.

Another danger that is dangerous for children, especially in summer, is the highway. To do this, you need to learn the basic rules of the road with your child, and together with him determine playgrounds away from the road.

“If your child goes for a walk with you and runs to the road, if he does not obey the prohibitions, you should not let him run away and then scold him. It is better to catch up with him and block the opportunity to hit the road. So the child will understand that running to the road is a serious violation, and no attempt at disobedience will work, ”said the behavioral therapist.

In addition, in the summer, children often encounter poisoning. It should be conveyed to them that you can not eat anything that has been lying in the heat for a long time or is unusual, that the berries should be thoroughly washed, and taking food “by hand” can be dangerous. Particular attention should be paid to chemicals and other inedible substances – they should be kept out of the eyes of children and under the control of adults.

“It is especially dangerous to fall out of a window in the summer. At the same time, the risk of bending over or sitting on a window sill can be explained to the child many times, and be warned that mosquito nets cannot be trusted. But since the first time can be the last, it’s better to make sure the windows are keyed and only open in ventilation mode when there’s a child in the room.

Various bodies of water also pose a serious danger to children during the summer months. At the same time, not everyone knows that children suffocate differently than in the movies: they do not scream or wave their arms.

“Children can suffocate when their feet touch the bottom and still don’t call for help or scream because they can’t breathe. Therefore, parents need to make sure that not only the child can swim, but also understand what to do if he drowns. The Kalashnikov expert noted that children who swim poorly should not be left unattended.

Formerly a psychologist listed dangerous consequences of overprotection for the child’s psyche.

Source: Gazeta


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