Finnish researcher discovers you can hear auroras even though you can’t see them

Recordings of the sounds of the northern lights were made by Unto Kalervo Laine, a former professor at Aalto University in Finland, who showed that this phenomenon is much more common than previously thought and occurs even when it has no visible manifestations. speech technologist. Report presented this at a recent conference EUROREGIO/BNAM2022 Joint Acoustic ConferenceHeld in Denmark.

Laine has been studying the sounds of the Northern Lights for many years. In 2016, she published a report that records of crackling and bursting during auroras are linked to temperature profiles recorded by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). These data not only showed that auroras could be associated with sounds, but also confirmed Laine’s theory that these sounds were the result of electrical discharges in the temperature inversion layer about 70 m above the ground.

New sound samples were recorded from the northern lights at night near the village of Fiskars. Although the aurora itself was not visible at the time, Laine’s recording recorded hundreds of “aurora sounds.” When the recordings were compared with FMI measurements of geomagnetic activity, a clear strong correlation was found. All 60 top candidate sounds were associated with changes in the geomagnetic field. “Using independently measured geomagnetic data, it is possible to predict with 90% accuracy when aurora sounds will appear in my recordings,” Laine says. His statistical analysis suggests a clear causal relationship between geomagnetic fluctuations and auroras.

Source: Gazeta


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