Elche Reservoir, a way to enjoy nature with the whole family

This Elche reservoir and road It is one of the most visited places in the city by nature lovers. An awe-inspiring place in all its splendor natural and cultural heritage your field.

This excursions They have proliferated to this place since the trail was conditioned about four years ago and especially as a result of the pandemic that people need to spread to the outdoors.

How to get to Elche Reservoir

It is approximately 4.5 kilometers north of the city of Elche. If you are driving from Alicante, A70 motorway towards Elcheand at the top of the Carrús quarter, exit from 518 join the road CV-84 To Aspe.

There will then be two roundabouts where you have to go straight and a third “half roundabout” where you have to take the first exit. swamp road.

Parking in the Pantano de Elche area

If you drive from Elche, take Elche’s northern ring road (CV-8615) and continue along the path of Magros (or the old way of Pantano), which will lead us somewhere. wide square, where can we park, depending on the day it can be difficult to find a place. Here is the location:

Itinerary and attractions

There are several possible routes, but those who are in good physical condition and choose to complete the entire route (in total) 8 kilometers) Departure from Molí del Real. There, on the slopes of the river, the encounters begin to climb to the dam, which is the first in the world since Roman times.

Those who reach the end enjoy the reservoir, a treasure that many do not know about. But along the way we find valleys and basins, ditches, picturesque aqueducts and the imposing dam 23 meters high and with an average curve radius of 62 meters. Vinalopó River.

In 1589, it was decided to build the dam due to the serious lack of water in the region. first in arc It has been built in Europe since ancient Rome. In operation for over a century, construction work began in 1632, but in 1793 the dam was destroyed by a massive flood of water and was not operational until 1843; Currently, it has a pretty good water level, especially in winter.

It is one of the few works of this size in our community that has transformed over time. a natural area full of fauna and flora special protection.

The route connecting Elche with the municipal natural area of ​​Los Aljezares, currently in the Aspe municipal area, is relatively simple and accessible, because there are no obstacles or dangerous spots. It is an ideal option for walking and cycling and suitable for children.

An old bridge and its perspective, “Five Eyes” and the watermill are other attractions you will encounter along the route, and you can take a break to recharge your batteries at the picnic area set up in the area.

Walking also provides an opportunity to think. typical species It is characteristic of the fauna and flora of semi-arid areas as well as humid areas.

  • 1. Moli del Real

  • 2. Rafa Gran

  • 3. L’Arbre de Pedra

  • 4. Cova del uncle Cento el Nap

  • 5. Rafa Nova

  • 6. Pedra de l’Unca

  • 7. Canals del Taibila

  • 8. Karamor

  • 9. Devil’s Clot

  • 10. Escull fòssil del pantà

  • 11. Molí dels Magros

  • 12. Assut from the House of Les Taules

  • 13. Pont de l’Arquet

  • 14. Pantà d’Elx and the Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • 15. Pantanal House

  • 16. Deviation Channel

  • 17. Road from Hondon to Elx

  • 18. Forn d’algeps

The short-distance path along the Vinalopó riverbank, marked and information boards, walkways, guardrails, etc.

floating pier in the swamp

To finish the tour wavy harbor It is 80 meters long on the dam lake, which connects the tail of the dam with the dam.

ready for meet or visit again Elche Reservoir?

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