Four entrepreneurs from Extremadura highlight the quality of life in the region they will undertake

The initiative is looking into Extremadura. “This region is the best test lab to start a business venture because the start-up costs are very low. Here you can get a good location and new skilled staff with very good knowledge at a good price,” he summed up. jesus gumielCompetize CEO during the presentation of the ‘activos’ supplement together with El Periódico Extremadura in Badajoz, sponsored by the Spanish Film Commission and JTI. Despite the difficulties of running projects in this region due to the lack of funding, the entrepreneurs who attended the presentation underlined the quality of life and growth potential that can be enjoyed in the autonomous community.

Juan Jesus Merino The CEO of Lapsowork believes the Extremadura region has several points in its favour: “First, it’s a helpline for startups with lots of opportunities. There’s also a point here where it’s less competitive. It’s often a priority to talk to actors who can help you.” access”.

Along these lines, Jesús Gumiel makes another point in favor of Extremadura “a quality of life unmatched in any European capital“This region is a good place to undertake and a land of entrepreneurship but we need a little more to consolidate it.”

Growing companies, ‘made in Extremadura’

Abraham Lopez and Ignacio Prieto They are co-founders of Correcto, a company specializing in the use of Spanish. “A tool that helps Spanish speakers write better in Spain and Latin America. We lived abroad and lost touch with Spanish and had a hard time typing. With the rise of artificial intelligence, we positioned ourselves to develop a writing tool. .Spain, United States and Latin America’ We are focused on serving companies in Turkey so that their employees can write fluently and professionally and maintain their brand image. We were born in 2021We just closed a seed round and we already have 50,000 users.”

From left to right, Correcto founders Abraham López and Ignacio Prieto. andres rodriguez

Santiago del Pozo He is the CEO and founder of Veyve, a smart tourism project. “The idea stems from the fact that it is very difficult to know the heritage of towns when traveling. We have developed an application where we act as a virtual tourist office for tourists. For large municipalities that already have one, we are a complement and “small ones are a good option. We are working with routes that you can learn with audio guides,” explained his manager.

Lapsowork is an initiative focusing on human resource management. “We are the Swiss army knife of human resources. 20 employees and we unify all people management processes in companies: we provide employees with a guaranteed communication tool through which we ensure their personal and professional status in the company, as well as other services such as vacation tool, electronic signatures, employee portal, attendance control or anonymous complaints channel”, CEO, Juan Jesus Merino.

Suso Merino, founder of Lapsowork start-up. andres rodriguez

Finally, jesus gumiel CEO Competize is the company that developed a platform to manage tournaments and sports leagues. “We allow you to register players or create a real-time classification. We are making publicly available what has only ever existed in professional football. We are now in 200 countries and have half a million users. Our main customers are Gumiel, schools, universities, veterans leagues, federations , city councils or councils,” he concluded.

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