Two years in prison for Valencian babysitter who let her old woman die

Valencia Eighth Criminal Court, sentenced to two years in prison for abandoning a disabled person In need of special protection for the non-professional caregiver of a 93-year-old woman employed by the deceased’s son and appointed by the Ministry of Social Welfare, “Failure to provide basic care and due carefor months, focusing her full attention on the family business—in the morning and afternoon, seven days a week—especially on a grocery store opened by her husband.

As a result of this negligence and carelessness of the defendants, 1,200 euros per month were demanded from the defendants. At the end of January 2017, the old woman presented “significantly malnutrition, massive dehydration, lack of hygiene and unhealed wounds.” as evidenced in the sentence.

It was determined that his child’s condition was serious, after his son asked the Generalitat General Directorate of Social Services and Dependents to review his situation and refer him to a home in Torrent urbanisation.

it was in the residential care center where they appreciate their serious problems of malnutrition and muscle atrophy. bedridden for the past year, barely moving. In addition to vomiting and dehydration, he was referred to the Valencia General Hospital Emergency Department, where the non-agenerous finally died four days later.

Despite Primary cause of death was lower respiratory tract infectionThe sentence reveals that the woman’s previous condition “from neglect can act as a jolt, which in any case worsens the evolution of the process.”

The defense of the 32-year-old caregiver, a Romanian national, linked the charge of carelessness to her client’s then-december 2016 complaint against her stepson’s ex-husband. The woman who has taken care of herself since 2011 and who has never had any problems with her job before. So, heThe defendant claimed in court that he fed himself five times a day and changed his diapers., said that the old woman did not tell him she was in pain and did not notice that she had any wounds or ulcers. Likewise, he attributes the lack of hygiene to the fact that they take him home in the morning without cleaning himself.

However, the private prosecution brought by both the Prosecutor’s Office and lawyer Alicia Baixauli argued that: the state presented by the non-generic could not emerge from one day to the next. According to what the residence doctor said about his health condition when he came to the center, the sentence ends like this. “The condition of the old woman described by the resident doctor can only be caused by the most utter disinterest and disinterest in caring for women.”

Other indicators point in the same direction, such as peeling skin all over his body or being unaware of the scar on his back: “It has been proven that the old woman did not receive the necessary care in the last months of her life, whether she was fed appropriately and adequately, and whether she was cleaned periodically”. For this, he ordered a two-year prison sentence and a compensation of 4,000 euros to the deceased’s son.

Source: Informacion


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