Live | Russia continues to attack eastern Ukraine to defend its positions

The Russian Army continues its attacks in the east to protect its positions

In the final hours, the Russian army continued its offensive in eastern Ukraine, in the pro-Russian Donetsk region and in front of one of its strategic cities, Slovianks, the General Staff reported on Wednesday. On the Facebook page of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the daily military report of the military authorities, the main efforts of Russia are to protect and equip previously occupied positions, conduct reconnaissance activities, resupply and improve the tactical positions of its forces.

In the north of the country, on the border fronts of Volhynia, Polissia and Siversk, units of the Belarusian Armed Forces continue to work to strengthen the border between Ukraine and Belarus.

Russian troops continue to open artillery fire at the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian infrastructure in these border cities and towns, affecting the Chernigov and Sumi regions near Kyiv.

On the Kharkiv front, Ukraine’s second largest city, the Russians have stopped bombing the region’s capital, but in other areas they are holding their positions and trying to block the advance of Ukrainian troops.

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