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The first wave of this year’s General Media Survey reported that 60% of Spaniards have never been to the movies and 38% have never been to the movies at some point. The remaining percentage has regular attendees, but the behavior of the box office can be fully understood when looking at what happened on the weekend of 6 May. In other words, how distribution and display work. Two records were broken that day: the highest and lowest grossing of the year for a premiere film.

On the one hand, Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, which was screened on 411 complexes and 1,228 screens, collected 5,650,000 euros from 816,473 spectators on 6, 7 and 8 May. At the other extreme, Spanish Culpa, released in two editions and directed by Ibón Cormenzana’s partner Manuela Vellés to his greater glory, was watched by 16 audiences (source, ICAA). A real show of strength for the actress, the film reflects a woman’s feelings after the rape. The film had a whitepaper and related reviews of the rigor in the cinematographic space Días de cine. It is true that this controlled release was due to its later release on the Movie’s platform. Still, the numbers cast doubt on who chose to see him on the big screen.

Guilt did not come to Alicante, like many other Spanish women. Some But (Goya for best actress, filmed in the city), Tres or They’ have arrived at night. It was time for governments to take action on this issue and keep the cinephile flames ablaze. In my opinion, I think they came too late for the fiasco anyway.

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